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Bodybuilders Are All Weak!


lol only joking, i just watched a video of mariuz pudzianowski training on this site (not T-Nation). and he was only able to squat 310kg with belt and wraps just to paralel.

and then he leg pressed.

i seen ronnies squatting and leg pressing and hes a hell of a lot stronger in the legs. facinates me why so many people still think body builders are weak lol.


Only 310kg???

That's around 682lbs.

You must be one strong mofo to say "only" 310kg.

And did this video show him going to complete failure, was there a reason he went "just to parallel" (did you know his exact goals and training history at the time)?

Yes, bodybuilders are relativley strong compared to just about every other athlete, but their goals are different and I'm sure Mariuz would kick Ronnie's ass in a strong man contest, just as Ronnie would beat Mariuz in bodybuilding (notice how I didn't say 'kick his ass').

I really don't see how you are justifying that Ronnie is "a hell of a lot stronger in the legs".

Do you have a link?

I know to you it's "only 310kg", but personally I think that's a whole lotta weight and I'd love to see it.


this sounds like it's gonna be another pissing match like the thread with ronnie benching 200 lb dumb bells...

Obviously both are way fucking strong if they're as big as they are. I don't think anyone with half a brain cell could call either of those two men "weak"

get a clue


well i know 310kg is alot of weight but he only done one and hes is supposedly the strongest man in the world. ronnie would do that for reps.




True, but I think Mariuz is labeled the "strongest man in the world" with respect to strong man competitions.

And yes, Ronnie is one huge, strong, freak of a man. He even gets a lot of respect from powerlifters (the true strongest men in the world :wink:


sorry cant post the link it advertises, but it shows you his leg workout on this site.

he starts with 182kg for 3
then 224 for 3
266 for 3
308k for 1

then he leg presses
1st set 8 plates 10 reps
2cnd 10 plates for 10 reps
3rd set 18 plates for 6 reps.


i dnt think powerlifters are the strongest me in the world either i think strong men are because powerlifters just use bars strongmen can lift stones etc awkward stuff.

i think marius is a great stronman good for the sport brings spectators. but he ist the strongest man in the world probably the strongest most athletic man in the world not the strongest.


800lbs is 363.6 kg, and 400kg is 880 lbs.


Dude, I didn't take that picture or write the pounds and kgs. Most people in America wouldn't know kgs at all so the mistake doesn't surprise me.


Just Checkin'! 8)


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ok, before this gets all crazy, lets look at a few things. first some simple stats. Marius is 6'1" and 290 lbs. Ronnie is about 5'10" - 5'11" (although thats not what they tell you) and 320lbs or so in the off season.

thats a huge difference in height vs. weight. second, marius doesnt perform squats "only" to parallel, he performs them in a much more olympic style fashion than does ronnie, straighter back, more sitting down than back, etc. (he also goes below parallel where as from what ive seen of ronnie he barely hits parallel if at all).

and finally, this argument is redundent, they perform in different sports and shouldnt be compared as such. also if you really want to get into it, ronnie has rediculous amounts of drugs in his body, whereas marius' has limited amounts. and by the way, the strongest man in the world is Hossein Rezazedah :wink:.


mariusz full squated that weight, it wasn't parallel. Hes strong as fuck.


This Ronnie-touting is about half as annoying as the "body-builders are weak" argument. Meaning it's really freaking annoying.

It's also ridiculous to start compare squat numbers of extremely big and strong men without also comparing their body-types and goals, especially because someone can then bring up Hossein R. who probably front squats at least 600.


Well I guess bodybuilders are not to smart either because 400kg doesn't equal 800 lbs.


sorry i didn't read the whole thread before I made my comment.


I've seen the video, and he says that he's lifting 800 pounds at one point, and then later says that he's lifting 310kg. On another site some said that when he says 310kg he's not taking into account the bar's weight and the innermost plates or something. Plus, he's not wearing a suit.


This is why critical thinking must desperately be taught in our schools. First, I'll note that he is using a high bar placement. His stance is medium to narrow.

He did this for a show. Rarely does anyone get it right on the first take. He may have had to do 310 several times before they liked the take.

You don't know where he's at in this training cycle. This could have been a light day.

I would rather look and be able to perform like Mariusz over any bodybuilder that has ever lived.

When you can squat 310 kg., let us know.


From Wikipedia, Pudzianowski's PRs:

Bench press 275 kg (605 lbs)
Squat 360 kg (792 lbs)
Deadlift 395 kg (869 lbs)