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'Bodybuilders Ain't Strong'


Lol at that statement. The general public and many misguided newbs seem to believe this. Fact of that matter is bodybuilders, especially the ones that are the best, all have one thing in common. They are strong as fuck. As strong as world class raw powerlifters if not stronger in some cases, some even are powerlifters and many were.

Anyways I put together a list of the bodybuilders I felt were the strongest and put some movies up to showcase these super human feats of strength. Pussy weights aka the pink dumb bells did not make these guys big, 800 pound squats and deadlifts, 500 pound benches, 400 pound shoulder presses, 100 pound DB curls and many other heavy exercises made these guys the best.

Fell free to add any videos of bodybuilders that are beasts when it comes to being huge and lifting huge. I one day hope to be a freak like these guys. Eat big, and lift big equals being big.

Ronnie Coleman

Kevin Levrone

Dorian Yates

Jonnie Jackson

Branch Warren

Markus Ruhl (Viewer discretion is advised, lol, halfway through the trailer is lifting a fucking tone though.)

Fuck yeah let's lift some weights!


"Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but dont no body wanna lift this heavy ass weight!!"
Heavy ass weight + Rep movement = Strength gains + Size gains. BASIC MATH!!


I'm pretty sure theres a vid of Levrone repping out 405 on the INCLINE.


nice vids austin, gets me pumped before i go hit back and bis, cheers.


Dennis James


Ben White's clean ass 505x9


what are you talkin bout' thats all sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and glycogen


half the dudes on this site can't even deadlift that for the same amount of reps he just INCLINE benched it.


I had to read that like 3 times to understand what you were trying to say.....it's early.

Amazing lift of course.


Hahaha, same here man. But yeah, good god that's a strong fucker, equipped or not.


Having Ed Coan slap you to sike you up for a lift adds 50 pounds to your max.


I love how he hits the 'double-bi' after those reps.


Ants aren't strong.
I mean just look at them! They can only lift pebbles and small stems.


I want to see one "I'm functional!" guy do that much FOR REPS.

I haven't been looking for it, but are newbs still dumb enough to really think guys with muscles that big are weak?


Personally I am much more impressed by someone who can bench 405lbs, with little arch, for 10 reps (or even 10 partials off the chest), than I am by seeing someone bench 500lbs with a huge arch, using leg drive, a super-wide grip, tucked elbows, and bringing the bar down to their belly.



I can do more than 405 for 10 reps and I STILL find benching 500 fucking pounds for that many reps to be impressive.

Few people have enough strength in their arms, shoulders or chest to even HOLD that much weight, let alone rep out with it.

Give credit where credit is due.


I wasn't referring to the Ben White video, obviously that was a pretty incredible feat of strength.

I was talking about the people who criticize bodybuilders for repping out heavy weights, stating that they aren't really "strong" because other people can bench 100lbs more than them... when in reality the bench press they're referring to is a 4 inch range of motion.

I would go as far as to say that bodybuilders are stronger than powerlifters in many many areas.



If someone's brining the bar down to their belly its a shirted bench, so yes, it would be more impressive to see the 405 raw bench.

But usually when raw lifters use arch's and tuck their elbows, its more of an injury prevention thing, rather than trying to get higher numbers. (but yes, it does help)


I do agree with that.

When I write I use 450lbs, I mean I use that much for reps (usually getting about 8-10 reps depending how carbed up I am and how rested). When others speak of their "bench", they are usually referring to how much they do for one rep...usually with a spotter.

There is no doubt that the guy working on bettering his form who can press 400lbs for 10 reps is way stronger than the guys who bench that much for only one assisted rep.


Real powerlifters know strong is strong. Geared, raw, reps, or singles, strong is strong. Anyone you hear saying otherwise is probably some keyboard warrior or "did a meet once back before I hurt my [shoulder/back/knee].


I think it's safe to say that most bodybuilders probably couldn't do what powerlifters do and most powerlifters couldn't do what bodybuilders do.

They train differently so they're going to be better at different things.