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BodyBuilderers vs. TVs vs. Lowrider


This plays in my gym at the moment. A true wtf but its kinda grown on me.




refund me the minute of my life I just wasted watching that crap please.


This ones much more heterosexual:


I think I'm more worried that the "suitable" opponent for a bodybuilder is a six foot tall transvestite.


The girls in the last video need booty like the Sahara needs water.

Flat asses only look good on canvas.


gross. all those girls weigh more than 130... just a bunch of lard asses


Don't you know that bodybuilders are only big, but can't fight?! Clearly these transvestites were all MMA pros, dude! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the girls could use a bit more ass, but were hot nonetheless. Something more to your liking:


The Foals.

Great song, better album - Total Life Forever.


The black guy in the first video is the BAM BAM BAM guy from the planet fitness ad.




Pics of the girls these guys are banging critiquing the video?


I dunno, X, They looked pretty good - I'd part every single one of 'em like the red fucking sea! LOL


hahaha Kai is awesome.