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Bodybuilder X


What's up!
here's one for the vets. If anyone remembers that interview in the old mm2k that was titled "an inteview with bodybuilder x". Well I'd really like to know his name.

                take care,
                          Tin Can


Why don't you ask me?

I'm the one who did the interview.

Not that I'd tell you, of course.



 Man if you could have just seen my face for a second, then I finished the sentence, ah shit!  Perhaps you could tell me what his name rhymes with?  Or maybe your scared he will come through with the threat of kicking your ass if you ever told anyone! or even worse a whole nation.

don't blame you, ha! ha! ha! I'm sure someone here knows... I've waited all this time so I have nothing but just that, time and time reveals all. It sure would be cool if there was another interview like that, however I'm sure it would cost more that 2000$ for a pro to reveal such info in this day and age, that' like a 2 week supply of GH for some of these guys, could go on forever about this...

So yeah the name would be great(said in the voice of the boss in office space)

                best wishes,
                            Tin Can


Come on TC! Hasn't the statute of limiations ran out on this guy??!!

BTW: I'm one of the "old dawgs" who cut my teeth on you and vintage MM2K!

P.S. Do you know what happened with Judd Connely?.. Shawn Phillip's old assistant? He helped me with some training programs back in the day.


There's another interview very similar to that one going up here next Tuesday.

It's with a powerlifter who--get this--has been using steroids non-stop for pretty much 25 years.


Judd? Nahh, don't know what happened to him. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to 99% of the people I used to work with!

(glad you're still around, you old codger, you)


Dude, whatever happened to Hacksaw Hawkins? He did this great interview with Mike Mentzer for the first online issue of the old T-Mag.

Priceless response above, by the way. :smiley: Thanks.


You're probably funnin' me, but Hacksaw Hawkins was one of my pen names that I brought over from MM2K.

I was also Mohandas Gandhi. There were others too, but I can' t remember them off-hand.