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Bodybuilder with Cerebral Palsy

A former student of mine posted this on my Facebook earlier tonight, and it really made an impact on me. I recite the lines about taking control of something in your life, or making your body mold to your will so often than I don’t usually stop and think about people with real issues to overcome. Had to wipe a few tears of my laptop towards the end of the clip.


This puts a new meaning to the saying “the worst thing you can have is a good excuse”. After seeing this it’s more like “the worst you can have is thinking you have a good excuse”. Great video, inspiring to say the least…

talk about a reality check, really puts things into perspective. makes you take a step back and evaluate what you consider an obstacle.
what a champ.

That was awesome. Truly a champion.

Stu thank you so much for posting that!! What a wonderful story and great to see what he was able to overcome!

Truly inspirational, and makes one question his own wussy tendencies at times. NO EXCUSES!!

By the way, the title of the thread doesn’t show fully, and reads, “Bodybuilder with Cerebral Pals”.

I thought it was a thread about your intellectual friends.


“I used to always ask, why me?” Stevie says.“Now I know I was given Cerebral Palsy for a reason, to inspire others to be a better person, and to make the most out of life no matter what.”


Thank you for posting Stu. What an inspiration, and a true champion.

Inspiring stuff.

I cried. What a boss.

inspirational for shure, my take home message is that I am lucky as fuck compared to him and have absolutly
no excuses, I should be working harder in the gym and the kitchen. If he can, I can.

A true champion, and a true inspiration. Left a lump in my throat.

manly and happy tears were shed. Thanks for sharing Stu.