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Bodybuilder Vitruvian Man


I've been scouring the internetz looking for that pic of the bodybuilder-esque vitruvian man. I believe someone on here used to have it as his avatar... If anyone has it, I would appreciate if you would post it.

Please and thank you.

And here's a pic of a bit-more-than-half-naked girl, just to be sure I don't completely waste your time.




Not quite the one I'm thinking of, but thanks anyway mate.


Its Paco Bautista

Google 'Bautista Vitruvian Man' top link its available in different sizes


The top link is this site brah... mind bottling


I just spit up some ground beef on my keyboard. Now, it's stuck in the fucking keys. Thanks a lot. I wasn't expecting sweet, sweet lulz a few posts in.


Not the exact one I was looking for but it'll do. Thanks.

I was thinking of one that's a cartoon.


This is going on a t shirt.