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Bodybuilder Videos, Training


Anyone know of any good motivational dvd's from pro/ameteur bodybuilders and their training? I 'm not looking for an instructional video, and i'm not trying to be like them in anyway.
I just recently saw a little clip of Jay Cutler's video, and it is motivating. Just looking for something with good music and just some training footage.


There's an old Tom Platz video that is absolutely insane. They almost kill themselves. I can't remember what it's called though.


Blood and guts - dorian yates
just oldschool intensity and work

Final Countdown - shawn ray
impressive and the ammount of info and the way he talks to you make it worth it...

anything with Ronnie, i wasn't mpressed at all with jay's...the guy will bore you to death


All of these plus those "Titans" videos of Vic Martinez, Dexter Jackson and Troy Alves. Those and all of Ronnie Coleman's vids are the only ones I have.


It you want some motivation or some good watching then buy "Pumping Iron (25th Anniversary Special Edition)". The extra footage included is exciting enough.

Here's some others that I always watch and hasn't been mentioned:
- Lee Haney's Mr Olympia Workout
- Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Rebuild: The way to Mr.Olympia 1980
- Lee Priest: Another Blonde Myth
- Shawn Ray: Final Countdown

And the one's that have been mentioned:
The Unbelievable & Cost of Redemtion with Ronnie Coleman are very impressive and exciting to watch as well.

My best choice overall is Pumping Iron though.