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Bodybuilder Rat Caught in Norway


Huge rat ate 12kgs (26.5 pounds) of protein powder in cellar.
Norwegian newspaper, courtesy of google translate: http://tinyurl.com/39dq3ys


You've never seen New York rats.


Story real, but translation crappy (cm to inches, etc). Nice size rat, though.




Lol, I've heard stories about the old Twinlab factory out on Long Island, how all the rats in the facility would get into the vats of bulk powder and grow to the size of house cats or even small dogs.

I'm waiting for Rat-Tech to hit the shelves before the 2011 Olympia as Jay's newest "Secret Weapon."



There should be no doubt now that how you eat is how you grow.


You can't just take studies performed on rats and extrapolate them to humans!



But we can say that "cheese" doesn't grow big rats like whey protein does.

If you want huge fucking rats, feed them protein.

New York City rats learned this years ago. That is why to lure NY rats, you are better off using EGGS or maybe peanutbutter. They LOVE that shit.


My friend's dad owned a butcher shop in Harlem. We used to do odd jobs for him in the summer when we were in our teens. I can attest 1st hand to the link between availability of protein and huge rats. He shot a few with a 22 in the cellar. No one ever called the cops.


It's true. I've used peanut butter on gauze on many a rat trap and it works every time.


people try to catch rats and mice with cheese? what the hell? I've seen this done in cartoons but for as long as I can remember i've always used peanut butter.




Did he BBQ the rat to recoup some of the lost protein powder?


I thought from this thread title that Craig Titus was now an international fugitive.




That translation did suck. 50 inches? Not a chance in hell.


Y'all laugh. It's a real concern for me, my powder just sits in big plastic bags. I worry I'm going to come home one day and be face-to-face with a giant roach or something.


That's a great gif!

I'm trying to think of when a good time to use it will be. Maybe in a thread where Prof X argues with someone and they go on and on for 4 pages...then someone posts tits and they both stop arguing.


That thing is mammoth but I think they mean 50-centimeters