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Bodybuilder needs help

I have 2 questions…today i decided to go to 300 crunches and my skin ripped. Is this temp.?
My secound question is can someone give me a link to the keto diet. I looked all over this site and i cant find it. thank you

Why in the hell are you doing 300 crunches? Gee i’d get bored after 15

Simon, I had a similar problem a few months back. I was in the middle of a 600 rep set of bicep curls and the skin over my left bicep ripped, causing my long head to evacuate at an amazing trajectory, coating the mirror with blood, sarcoplasm, mitochondria, a set of forceps and some fruity pebbles. I put the pieces back and wrote the whole thing off as too high of a dose of local parenteral draino.
Maybe that’s what you were doing too?

Goddamn funny, Marc. Your post provided me with the laugh that I seriously needed today ;-)))))

I was going to respond to this, but Marc beat me to it (and did a great job).

Not bad!