Bodybuilder, Heal Thyself article

Very interesting article. The seminar sounds cool. Regarding the digestive enzymes, does anyone know of any good brands that have a combination of those enzymes mentioned by Dr. Kinankin? I thought I might start taking them, and chewing my AP shakes of course!

The enzyme product that works the best is from Germany and is Wobenzym N. I have seen some clones on the market but have learned from a former employee of MucosPharma that they have some patented trade process of extracting the bromelain that makes their product far more effective than anything else available. I have tried the inferior clones and found this to be true. Anyway there you have it, Germany’s finest bottled export.

I also really liked it. I’m always looking for better ways to recover drug-free.

Quite a bit of info. and questions here but hope you can help out a little. I too was intrigued by the mention of digestive enzymes in the Kinakin interview. Seems over the years I’ve heard quite a few people say they’re worthless. After reading the article I recall that a while back my chiro gave me a bottle of raw pancreas enzyme concentrate by Progressive laboratories. Each capsule supplies the following:
40,000 U.S.P. Amylase
7,500 U.S.P. Lypase
40,000 U.S.P. Protease
On the bottle it says “sold only for dispensing by a licensed health care professional”
Is this stuff worthwhile and if so by what mechanism(s) do digestive enzymes enhance recovery from injury by 50%?
Also I’ve noticed the supplements sold by chiropractors and other alternative medical practitioners are non-commercial brands that usually come with the “sold only for dispensing by healthcare professional”
are these supplements really all that different then the brand name supplements most of us know?..Do these companies have people similar to pharmaceutical sales reps that go around servicing alternative medical practices or how does this work?..
thanks in advance

where can the wobenzyme product be purchased

I was most interested in the product mentioned in the article called Traumeel. I looked it up on the Internet and found out that it’s a Homeopathic product. I thought that Homeopathic products were totally bogus (according to some of the experts on this site). Does anyone have any experience with this product?

I often use nutrition from pure encapsulations. They sell as you said to health care practitioners. They use 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients. You can read labels and determine the purity. Pharmaceutical grade means they hold theirselves to the same standards as a prescription drug. I do feel that other supplement companies have great products, but you’ll have to read labels carefully. For instance, herbal remedies should have on their label standardized extract.
I would of course caution you to stay away from products without labeling, or products done through multilevel marketing. A supplement company should want to make money by selling the product, not getting you to do their sales for them.

My doctor is currently prescribing me an enzymatic product called Creon Forte (from Germany) as well as supplemental HCL because my body is not producing these enzymes in sufficient amounts to properly digest foods. There are tests you can have done that can measure how well your body digests protein, fats, vegetables etc. I used to get terrible bloating and abdominal distention after eating a meal, but I have been using these enzymes for 2 weeks now and the bloating and distention have all but disappeared.

Irondoc what pharmaceutical supply companies do you purchase from in your practice? And have you ever heard of a thyroid and adrenal glandular product called TG-100?..I’ve heard it mentioned by quite a few alt. med. practitioners as well as some MD’s.

Wobenzym N is available at any supplement store but I have found the best prices on their web site of the same name.

Never heard of tg100. I get my nutritional supplies from pure encapsulations. I’m sure they have a website. I always call on the phone. You can probably get a catalogue by going online. I would suggest if interested, say you’re a nurse, massage therapist or something. I’m sure they sell to you then. I don’t know if they have anything new, but the products are high quality. They have msm, vitamins, etc.

I’ve used stuff from Pure Encapsulations before, BCAA’s and Glutamine to be specific. Very good quality.

Woops, almost forgot… you can only order stuff from Pure Encapsulations if you’re a health care practitioner. A friend of mine was a dentist, so I ordered through her.