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Bodybuilder Dating? Where Do You Meet People?


Among other things. The purge was a thing of legend.


Extramarital affairs, links to cam shows and other porn stuff, pic exchanges, etc.

Typical people and their pee-pees type stuff.


Sounds benign. But then I wasn’t there, so. Sounds like antrophology gold though. One has to wonder how many online subcultures have risen and fallen and it’ll only ever be privy to those that were there. Never to be chronicled. Studied. Hm, I wonder if any of those days were caught on the Internet archive. What year(s) was this?


Eh, I forget actually. There’s a year or two here and there where I get busy and hang up the internet for a while. It was there, then I buzzed off for a while and when I came back it was gone.


It sure was. Unfortunately some of my favourite posters were banned. That’s also the point at which the site got significantly less interesting and fun. It’s like Disney bought the site and everything was pg13.


I am just sorry I missed it :weary:


Yeah some of them I liked.


Imagine a bunch of 12 year old boys with internet access, on steroids. It was hilarious.

There were some legitimate crazy people as well. One guy thought he was a vampire.


I forgot about roguevampire and his battles with pushharder. That was some good stuff.


I don’t think Rogue ever got banned. I think he just quit showing up.


I think TN should bring SAMA back.

There was a Star Trek episode where Jean Luc and the gang screwed up and they had to do a big do-over or get eliminated from existence. It could be like that for SAMA, just do it right the second time. It would be easy to prevent the same shenanigans from happening again.


Id imagine there would be a logistical mountain theyd have to climb, especially when it comes to site sponsorships and whatnot, the only way id ever see it ever being able to be passed is like a 4 step verification method, having to have a minimum amount of posts or time spent on the forums themselves and a digital documentation signed where you run the risk of being “exposed” to the NSFW type forum.

And lets face it, (my thoughts may not echo the collective group, however…) the people who are actively part of the forums these days probably dont mind it being gone, between the off topic and political sub forums, there is plenty of shenanigans to discuss without the need or risk of people being doxxed or blackmailed


Congratulations, you’re a cunt in five languages.


This forum runs on Discourse, you can pay for hosting an instance of it or host your own instance if you have the inclination.


If you’re thinking of this episode, it’s my all time favorite in the Next Gen series:


I don’t actually LOL often while reading the forums, but this one got me!


What do you do? I’m a licensed clinical social worker, and also a graduate of online dating. :slight_smile:




Yes, you mentioned above - a behavioral psychologist, and you work with psychopaths and child predators. As a therapist, or…?


I’m in private practice. I do a little of everything. I work with a lot of criminal defense. My specialty is PTSD and Adult ADHD.