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Bodybuilder Dating? Where Do You Meet People?


your mother tongue must be Asshole


In his defense, he did not present himself as intelligent, or fluent in English.

Could he have been more diplomatic? Yes.

Was his point valid? Also yes.


i never insulted anyone here, unlike you.

just felt that some points needed to be addressed. some seem blind in the presence of a “women” :wink:


Guess he got bail on the bouncing checks rap huh?


Maybe? I read some stuff about him lately. Dude is on the steep part of a downward slide.


Ok who wants to chat?


Fuck it, I’m up.


Can we chat on here?


Yes, but just in public forum type - there is no chat function here.


Everything I own is Apple! That’s like the only app not on Apple


All good.



Giflord quality potato


A fitting gif to top off what I just read. A+


That made my day LMFAO


Lmao !!! Holy shit hahhahha


Of course not. After the shit storm years ago that resulted in the masses membership evictions and closing sama. no one is allowed to chat.




Heheh, this thread turned from passingly amusing to solid gold!


Sex and the male animal.

Prior to the shit storm we also used to be able to email on the site which is how all the fun and excitement started.


In what way was email abused so that the fun ended?