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Bodybuilder Dating? Where Do You Meet People?


Well played sir. Well played.


This shows disrespect for your audience - we’re all just a bunch of meat heads so you don’t give a fuck what we think. That’s arrogance.


This!! :black_heart:


She misused “women” for woman in her post, and in her profile. That’s not autocorrect.

I think ya’ll been trolled.


What, men in their 60’s can’t be fit?

This is why I think it’s a troll. She’s got blondebombshell in the screen name, but no pics, the avatar isn’t that attractive, keeps talking about how strong she is, and how intelligent she is (indirectly) while misusing common nouns (women) and then insulting the audience by telling us we don’t matter to her as much as someone reading an essay.

Going to sit back and watch the carnage.


Got to disagree on this one, troll or not. Different environments have different standards for formality. I will be more relaxed with my speech and choice of words when speaking to a close friend compared to, say, a job interview. A quick message I send to my wife while I’m walking the supermarket isles with my hand fulls is also going to have more grammatical errors than an graded essay. Doesn’t mean I care any less about my friends of wife.


This is based on familiarity, something the OP lacks with this audience. To default to a not give a fuck attitude when encountering a new social group indicates a lack of respect.

Why do you use different language in a job interview - because you care about the impression you are making.


Guys are getting a bit agitated around here… Is it because I’ve got the catch on the end of my hook?. Blonde my 3 main dating profile traits are:

Strongly made
Capable of withstanding rough handling
Built to last

If these tick the boxes we can move straight to exchanging dirty pictures


You catch it, you clean it.

You forgot to include devastatingly handsome, Mensa member, Nobel Peace Prize winner, user of Magnum condoms, and altitudinally challenged.


Haha, fuck that would be the day


Everybody else is full of shit, why not you?

The point is . . . troll.


Just playing around with the thread lol. Maybe it is a troll. Maybe its legit and this girl is getting blasted with unnecessary abuse. I mean there isn’t that much evidence yet to suggest troll other than a few grammar mistakes. Who knows @The_Myth the truth always comes out. Maybe we could get some extra pictures? wink wink


Um, I’ll pass.

I’ve learned that when someone says it’s not about the money, well, it’s about the money.

Corollary - absent any photographic evidence, I’m doubting the bombshell sobriquet - at least as I understand it.


I’m not exactly sure what a troll is.
I was seriously looking for advice. :woman_shrugging:t3:

In my business you have to have thick skin and a short memory. If I let every psychopath or child predator get to me. I’d be done in a week. :wink:


Haha!! Love it!
Where do you live? :laughing:


There’s this thing called Google, and it found this:

An Internet troll is a member of an online social community who deliberately tries to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of online content.

I believe you. It just came off odd, at least to me.

Whatev, good luck.


I think this is gonna end with dic pics and another Chris Hansen series.




thanks for the corrections everyone! you just missed the part about the mother tongue. i hope you fail to see how your replies are not valid in this context.
mine is originally italian. however I grew up in switzerland so i’m fluent in swiss, german and french too. always glad to improve my english.


We’re just busting your balls because you’re a total prick.