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Bodybuilder Dating? Where Do You Meet People?


Couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:


Ha bollocks. Quick sneaky edit…


You should capitalise the first letter of a sentence.

This is a misplaced comma. There really shouldn’t be a comma anywhere in this sentence. It would be like saying “those in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.” You see how it disrupts the flow of the idiom?


Yea, you did it better than me.


In fairness to Alex this does sound like a wind up.


This sentence should have been:

And, yeah, I might sound like a dick to some, but, when I see something that doesn’t fit, I have to call it out.

You also shouldn’t start a sentence with “and” or “but.”


Ah you totally can that’s a weird archaic rule with no proper foundation, like splitting infinitives or ending a sentence with a preposition.


You’d think so, but he seems to be Swiss and they don’t have a sense of humour so…


I speak the Queen’s English, Matthew.



I meant blondie. Alex just got it all wrong.


If I was writing an essay. I would care. In an informal environment such as forum… I could care less. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I simply asked where are the best places to meet like minded people. Like minded for working out, not grammar police…


Not to mention, she didn’t exactly claim to be intelligent. She merely stated she has been told by various men that they would not choose to date an intelligent woman, or one with her shit together. I can see where the argument could be made that this was implied, but it is just as likely that she was implying the ‘shit together’ part and not bragging about intelligence, or simply stating these guys prefer to go after dumb bimbo types with nothing to bring to the table aside from youth and beauty.

And since you brought it up, using misspelled words on an Internet forum as ‘proof’ of lack of intelligence when we have all been the victim of autocorrect at some point just makes you look like a pedantic buffoon.


If the gym is your main interest then that’s where to meet people that share the interest.

Don’t be scared to approach a guy you like at the gym. I can pretty much guarantee any guy you talk to at the gym will be receptive, but you really need to initiate the conversation.

With the exception of really creepy guys, most guys won’t start a conversation with a hot girl at the gym because they’re worried she’ll just assume they’re one of the creepy ones if they do.


The gym is an intimidating place to just start a convo with someone, but start by simply asking for a spot. Once had a girl ask me if I tracked my macros to spark a convo as well and it progresses naturally if there is mutual interest. May take days/weeks but it opens the door.


It’s tough… I live in a rural area. I already drive 20 miles one way to the gym. It’s a small town gym. Pretty sure I’m going to have to join up somewhere in Colorado Springs to meet anyone.


You normally come off as a arrogant little twit?


The other obvious answer is internet dating. There’re probably apps devoted entirely to dating for folk who lift weights.


Maybe we should start one. Fitness singles has no “fit” people on it. Mostly men in their 60’s.

I finally put exactly what I want on my Tinder Profile. The Flame :fire: messages. Or every message starts with “I’m not a bodybuilder but”.
I totally get that some men are into women who are stronger. And I’m not judging. Just not what I’m looking for.


They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but a mad made to feel inadequate is a not
too distant second.


Better than I.