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Bodybuilder Dating? Where Do You Meet People?


LOL no, I browsed instagram looking for fit chicks to date, but also ended up connecting with powerlifters. And ended up lifting with them, and he eventually became my coach.


Your name is Jim?


Forget these beta creepers blonde… come chat to a real beast.





You have to kill her mother off, get cursed, kidnap her and her father, force her to make a deal for her captivity in return for his freedom and force her into domestic service.

Then give her a library. Just don’t lose all your gains at the end.

Disney movies are super screwed up.


Bahaha!! Truth! :black_heart:


I might message u :wink:


What’s a beta creeper? Beta as in not alpha? Creeper is self-explanatory though.


Beasts don’t get all scientific @Allberg. We might not be as intelligent but we just take what we want… no questions asked lol


I’ll try to stay as respectful as I can… But how come you consider yourself THAT intelligent? Maybe the guys were turned off because you just pretend to be. Your english, presumably your mother tongue, is pretty bad.


What do you mean by that?


yea, you failed at that. dick.


Not sure what this has to do with being scientific or intelligent. It was just that the meaning of something that you wrote eluded me, and I was simply trying to understand what it was that you meant. Seemed like the easiest way to do that was to ask, and so I did. And yet, I’m none the wiser for it.


I better clear this up before you get the wrong idea. I am general curious on how men whom aren’t shall we say less than physical impressive interact with you since some men ( use the term loosely) feel put off by stronger women.( no disrespect)


If you read that back out aloud to yourself, does it sound respectful?


I’m a behavioral psychologist. :wink:


Well played, madam.

Well played.


so? does that imply intelligence? I wouldn’t know. A job title doesn’t imply anything.
Especially when it’s in a field outside of STEM.

I just always feel like people who cannot even write properly in their mother tongue, cannot be that smart. Differentiating between their, there and they’re is so easy. How can you mess that up? Or using women, when the singular form would be woman. If you have some sort of speech disability I’m sorry. If you don’t, read up on the dunning-kruger effect.

And yeah I might sound like a dick to some. But when I see something that doesn’t fit, I have to call it out. Being pretentious and bragging about how smart she is while not even being that, I can see why some guys might not have been interested in dating her.

These are just some observations. I might be totally wrong, but it might help her out if she’s introspective enough.


I get what you’re trying, and failing, to say. But this is neither the time nor place to say it, it is completely tangential to the question being asked and you have succeeded only in saying it like a complete dick.


You need to capitalise the first letter in a paragraph.

The first letter after a question mark should be capitalised.

Capitalisation is easy, how can you mess that up?