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Bodybuilder Dating? Where Do You Meet People?


I go to the gym to lift… I work a lot. Where’s the best place to meet people who live this lifestyle?


probably not the answer you want to hear, but I would say tinder or bumble. or online dating in general. When I’ve been on those, it’s been very easy to match with like-minded people.

If you’re looking for a physical location, I’d suggest shopping at a local health food store for groceries, or just talking to dudes at the gym you’re interested in. Most guys will be receptive to you initiating conversation if they’re single or remotely interested. Respectable men generally won’t initiate themselves at the gym, you’ll have to make the first move in most cases.


Lifting seminars and bodybuilding shows/powerlifting meets if I had to guess.


that can work too. Generally I’ve found like big expos to be way too crowded, but a meet can make sense, maybe strike up a conversation before or after lifting, during a break, whatever. I’ve met a lot of people, men and women, through strongman competitions and training.


online dating, easy and efficient at weeding out people that are not your type right off the bat. Bumble is legit


Online dating has been kinda a nightmare. Lots and lots of response. Almost no one I’d like to get to know after a few messages. I’ve been told twice by two different men that they don’t want to date an intelligent women with a career and her shit together. They were looking for a dumb waitress? No idea. Haha!

I’m always nervous to talk to people at the gym. Their is a few creepers at my gym. So I try to just keep my headphones in and pretend they don’t exist.


I don’t think you have to initiate a whole conversation. If you see someone who doesn’t come off as a creep or dirtbag, just smile and say hi. I know if a woman at the gym did that to me I’d try to follow it up with something interesting to get to know her.

I think online dating has its merit, but you have to be completely upfront for what you’re looking for with whoever you talk to. Those guys looking for a dumb women are probably weak minded and losers, but they at least didn’t try to lead you on.


I think the selling point for online dating is the sheer volume of people that you can engage with. Engaging with people that are a mismatch might well be unpleasant regardless of it being online or not but as you say pointed out, after a few messages you’ve caught on and then you can move on to the next candidate. However, if the noise-to-signal ratio takes a genuine toll then I don’t know.




absolutely, that’s the key. at the end of the day, all you’re looking for is the 1 right person. You don’t need to find dozens of matches or anything. So if you go through 500-1000 profiles, and you only get one winner out of it, it’s still a success, lol.


Do you want to date bodybuilders or just people who are into training?

I ask because both our strongman and powerlifting group training sessions have sprouted several romances. Something like that might be an option for you plus they are just great fun in general.


People who are into training. I’ve been in too many relationships where I was set up for failure. I can’t be with someone who wants me to constantly stay home from the gym. Or don’t respect my food choices when I’m dieting. Or may not agree with or respect the chemicals involved.
And of course the attraction factor… I’m attracted to beasts. :tipping_hand_woman:t3:‍♀ I respect what it took to get where they are.


Definitely Tinder or Bumble. It’s location based, so more than likely you might have already crossed paths with somebody.

When I was using online dating, I’d always match with girls I recognized at the gym on bumble and tinder. When I first moved here, I’d look up posts from my gym’s location and randomly followed people who went to the same gym. I originally did it to meet women, but thats how I ended up meeting my current coach before he opened up his own gym.


You dated your coach?


Based on reading one of your log post. im guessing it’s hard for you to find a guy who you can relate to and visa versa. Unless they are seriously into training beyond general fitness.


Precisely. :wink: I wish I lived closer to a hard core lifters gym. I’m still new to Colorado. It’s strange starting over as an adult. :laughing:


Yeah if your having to lift in your run of the mill commercial gym. I can get why it might be difficult finding someone who might share the same level of passion for it. I get this strange idea that you probably make a few of the men there feel less masculine. Which isn’t hard to do today , making it harder on you.


I’m still super feminine. But yes, I’m strong. And In a regular gym it gets attention.
I may have to go join a meat head gym like 30 miles away. :laughing::muscle:t2:


Weekend sessions there maybe?


Lol I didn’t say you wasn’t feminine and I do not want you to assume that I was implying that you was not. :blush:Let’s just say I have a low opinion of most commercial gyms and feel your pain.:triumph: hope that didn’t come across wrong ( well now that I embarrassed myself .)