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Bodybuilder 1, Bank Robber 0


My favorite line:

"I forced his head into the ground repeatedly," he said. "I think, at one point, I was using two hands and smashing his face in."


Copied from http://www.katu.com/home/video/9266686.html:

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- The jig is up for the bank robber who became known as the "Old School Bandit," thanks to a quick-thinking bodybuilder who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Chadwik Asheim, the man behind the bandit's trademark bandana mask, was arrested on Friday when he tried to rob a Banner Bank branch in Lynnwood, according to authorities. The Old School Bandit, who earned the title from the FBI for wearing a bandana over his face while robbing nine different banks in the Seattle area, did not realize that luck was not on his side.
Instead of clenching fistfuls stolen cash, he found himself gasping for air while a 280-pound amateur bodybuilder pounded him.

"I just basically dropped all my weight on my knee into his left side of his back and that's when I felt his ribs crunch," said Todd Jewell. Todd, a Yakima native, and his wife were visiting Seattle when they noticed an employment sign in the bank's window. "My wife and I are thinking of relocating (to) somewhere around this area, so we thought 'what the heck? We'll go and see if she can get an interview,'" he said. But those plans quickly changed when Asheim walked in through the door wearing a hat, a pair of sunglasses and, of course, a bandana. Todd said he smelled trouble immediately.

"I think his words were 'you've got to be kidding me. This is a bank robbery', which were exactly what my thoughts were," Shawna said. The robbery unfolded within seconds. "He leaped over the counter to the teller and grabbed a hold of her arm. And that's when I sprang into action," Todd said. Todd threw Asheim to the ground and grabbed his hair from behind. "(I) forced his head into the ground repeatedly," he said. "I think, at one point, I was using two hands and smashing his face in."

Todd said he kept going until he cracked Asheim's ribs. Then Shawna called 911. "(There was) relief as soon a I saw the police officers come in the door," she said.

There was some relief as well for the FBI agents who have been on Asheim's trail. He reportedly hit nine different banks around the Seattle area since June. Thanks to Todd, the notorious Old School Bandit is finally behind bars. "Now I know why I spent all that time in the gym," Todd said with a laugh. Asheim has been booked into the Snohomish County Jail, but will be transferred to a federal jail on Monday.


This is the guy's site, if anyone is interested.



Too bad, he could have really hurt the robber if he didn't have all that unfunctional bodybuilder muscle.


Yeah, if he had known MMA, I bet there would have been some real damage!


I wonder if his wife got the job.....


The guy is large. Who else wishes Proff. X was here still to comment? It might be the biggest I told you so in T-Nation history.


You know the MMA guys will be like "Our 150 lb heavyweight fighters could have done a wayyy better job than this dufus of unfunctionality!"


There is a difference between "MMA guys" and the sexually ambiguous kid who watches TUF, has a Tapout sticker on his Civic and goes to beginner BJJ once a month.


Awesome. I was wondering if he got the job as well.





Yeah man, where has he been?



Uh...Heavyweight for MMA is the minimum of 206 and the maximum of 265.


This man's other occupation is "aerospace machinist"? And he's only 26? Was he genetically engineered as the ultimate male by escaped Nazi scientists or something?


That is correct.

I will again give you props for your avatar.


It's definetely a skilled position, but just a two year degree from tech school and apprenticeship is required to be one. Dolph Lundgren is the ultimate genetically engineered super freak, he has a degree from MIT and speaks like 6 languages.


You do know I'm just kidding right?


W O R D!!

i went to buy a stupid tapout shirt from a local mall retailer andf they told me "we dont really sell any xxl tapout shirts so we dont stock them". they sure were full of small, medium, and "large"(since when is that large, have you ever really considered somebody in a regular large to be particularly large??).


Some large shirts are quite large, while others feel like a small. There ought to be a t-shirt trade association or something, where they standardize the size and price of t-shirts.

I get mine from allstyle.com. These fit perfectly, and they are less than 2 dollars a piece when you buy in bulk, I call them "disposable t-shirts". The only problem I have is with the black t-shirts fading after 2 washes, after that they turn into a charcoal shade.

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Uh, what were we discussing here? I forgot already...............


I'd love to buy this guy a drink.