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Bodybuild Upper, Athlete Lower and Cleans

Huge fan of 5/3/1. My coach used a lot of these principles in college. Was going to start the bodybuild upper athlete lower template from Forever. Wanted to still do cleans. When’s a good place in the template to add cleans/would you cut down any supplemental or assistance of the other areas if adding cleans?

Unfortunately the shipping to Europe costs twice the books price, and well, I think that’s to expensive.
So I actually don’t know the program.
I do cleans before DL.
I think that if you put something new into the programs, something has to be taken out.

In the past Jim has recommended doing a 531 progression of cleans. Doing them before you either Squat or DL. Seems like it would be ok as long as you’re only doing the 531 sets and not more

If I were you, I’d do the program as written.