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Does anybody have experience with the BodyBlade, I am interested in using one for stabilization/core work, nothing more, pros and cons would be appreciated, thank you!


Overhead squats, snatches and db overhead squats with one armup/ one down with the down arm at 50% more weight than the up- see article by Alwyn Cosgrove.


There's the overal gay factor of 76%. Which places the gadget right in the "much too gay to be ok" category.


Pros: You can use it as a pretend bow and arrow as you jump through your local woods as you play Legolas, the fearless elf from Lord of the Rings.

It can be used for self defence. You can whip it back and forth furiously as you crowch into the fetal possition, thus dissableing any possiblility of a frontal attack by your attacker.

You can change the channel with it when you lose your remote.

Cons: It won't help your core nearly as well as most (if not all) compound movements.


I figured most would have bad things to say, I have heard that it is a good addition to help work your multifidus. I would by no means use this to replace ANY heavy compound movement, just as a supplement.


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My physical therapist had me using one as part of my rehab after shoulder surgery. Given that I couldn't do any other lifts, it provided a good alternative to help rebuild my shoulder strength and keep my core in shape.

Having first hand experience with it, I can say that I wouldn't buy one for myself. It worked great during rehab, but now that I'm close to full strength again, I can't see how it would add anything to my program.