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Body Workout

Since I work 6 days a week and can’t make it tot he gym yet I have been using the 20 year old rusted weights at my work.

I have a bench,incline bench,pull-up bar,dbs,bbs,and a squat rack.I only have 30 minutes to eat and workout,usually takes me 3 mins to eat and walk down to the workout room and 3 mins to walk back,so I have 24 minutes to workout.

I have been doing db bench press,curls,hammer curls,hanging leg raises,db military press,db behind the neck press,and a form of dips(i put my legs on one bench and my hands on another that’s about 4 feet away and do them).

I haven’t been doing squats or deadlifts because my knee is acting up again(one more reason to get it fixed)so I have found a way to work my calves and quads without weights but cant think of a way to get the hammies.For calves I do 100 jumping jacks and for quads I do 50 body-weight jump squats,both of those are a lot harder then i thought they would be.

So if anyone could help me think of a weight free exercise for my hammies I could do I would appreciate the help.

I also wanted to know if any of you do similar things(100 jumping jacks,etc.)and if you enjoy them.

If you concentrate on driving the hips back (and forth) and NOT actively bending the knees, you should be able to do Romanian deads, and Good Mornings at the very least.

ah,good mornings

thank ya man

You have 24 minutes to workout so you do two different types of bicep curls? That sounds like quality time management to me…

Seriously compound exercises should be just about the only thing you even think about doing. You have minimum time so you need exercises that stimulate the most muscle. Even if you don’t make the bulk of your work compounds you need to be working your back.

I would suggest getting in the gym as often as possible. if you only can work out for 24 minutes a day you could feasable do this everyday of the week without running yourself into the ground. And if you are feeling run down this would be a justifiable time to replace the more taxing compound exercises with isolation exercises.

check out joel marions articles I’m fairly certain he wrote one that would relate directly to your situation.