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Body Weights


Hey fellas,
Im considering purchasing a weight vest and possibly wrist weights to strengthen core or wrists but i thought I would inquire as to how effective they actually are. I lift regularly atm for fitness but am not interested in bulking up but just getting some tone and strength. I also will be doing kickboxing within the next month. Can I ask anyone if they work well or are they just a gimmick?


I have both and used both (still use the wrist weights, weight vest not so much). I think both are great tools and especially for combat sports where you are up against someone with very similar body weight, where it is imperative that you be able to handle your body weight very well. Overall both products were awesome and I would still use the vest if I did the same body weight work that I did in the past.


Use free weights. Most effective way to improve all round strength. You want strong wrists. Do curls and reverse curls. You want a strong core do weighted sit ups and goodmornings. Want to waste your money buy wrist weights. Weighted vests are quite good for sprints and jumps tho.


Thanks for the input, i might invest in some wrist weights if I start up kickboxing and decide its something i want to stick to. Free weights is something i already do a lot and have gotten much stronger then i was with them so i agree. I purchased a weighted vest to get use to for sprints ( i realise i need to start with light weight) and also to get a bit more use to weighted pullups as my gym is a bit dodgey with their weight belts. Thanks