Body Weight Training

Here is the deal, I have pain in my shouders so I woud like to start over from the basics.I picked bodyweight training, is there any intense bodyweight training programs out there ? Just need a exampel of what people usualy do since I have no clue, just know chins, situps , dips , pull ups , push ups .

I woud also like to ask if there is any free powerlifting movies out there ? I?m not talking about exercise movies, but “real movies”. that is around 20-30 min+

Pavels Naked Warrior is a good bodyweight program, look it up on google.

I will . and thanks for replying =)

If you’ve got pain in your shoulders, train your external rotators and rear deltoids.

Go to and pick up a set of gymnastics rings to train with.

I actually read a story about someone who fixed an old shoulder injury useing those rings on the website.

Look into ross enamait’s stuff. The naked warrior is basically pistols and one handed pressups. Fullbody tension and contract the butt…

Serioulsy - ross enamait.

Another alternative i can highly recommend is robbin eggars royal marine circuit training book. Good ideas, good planning, good little book.

Hey Lindow,

Hope your shoulders get better. In addition to Pavel’s stuff (Naked Warrior), you can check out Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey. Mike Mahler wrote an article for T-Nation about this type of training. Just search for Combat Conditioning. Good luck & take care. Latah.

thanks for all the posetive / information rich replyes, I will check up all those things =)

I just figured out where the pain source is , it?s on top of the shoulder, I dont know the name of that place , I tryed puss press and I felt pain, not fatitugde, pain.The same thing happens when I do push ups sometimes.