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Body Weight Routine?

During the summer, I work on a road crew for three months. We travel around being in a different town every week and many are too small to a gym or rec center. We get a generous allowance for food, but the access to equipment is the prob. I have a door pull up bar that can double as parallette bars for HS and reg push ups for greater ROM.

Should be able to do:
push ups(HS and reg)
BW squats
pull ups and chins
dips(if I can find a playground)
rows (rings tied to pull up bar).

I can alter the basic moves to make them harder, but I am more wondering the best way to put it all together considering I can’t make small weight increases. I want to do full body W/O three days a week. I know that I could do a few sets of until failure, a single set to failure, or several sets with less reps and no failure(maybe on last set). I was thinking that put a combination of the three might be best, but as I said I am unsure how to do it… any suggestions?


As far as different ways to put it together, you could do 1 day of HIT style training (1 set until absolute failure), then a day with 3-4 sets, then maybe a day with 5-6 sets in circuit style. Just be creative.

Since you’re not able to use much added resistance I’d say just try to make sure you do more work each week. Maybe try something like the Tabata Method, you could do that without all kinds of DB’s, machines, and such that you’d find at a gym.

There’s many ways that’ll work. Just keep the basics in mind and the fact that you’re trying to progress and get to it with each workout.

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The best routine I have ever come accross was a combination of jogging and body weight exercises.

Job around the neighbourhood in a circuit. After each lap, stop off to the side in a park and do a set of push ups, then chinups (soccer posts work well), maybe find a bench and do step ups (one leg for 20 reps and then switch). One set per lap. It’ll keep you lean like nothing else I’ve ever tried.