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Body Weight Programs

Alywns Bodyweight Training dvd

Pavels the naked warrior book or dvd

The training manuel by elitefts that includes the body weight program

If you had to pick one what would it be to build up gpp?

There have been quite a few things about this in the last month, if you search the posts you will find alot.

Pavel’s is good, mostly based off the one arm pushup and the pistol. Not really a beginners program, but excellent if you have any experience with lifting.

I don’t have experience with any of the other ones, although Elitefts is probably a good one too, knowing their guys.


no insult meant but i’d opt for trying to read the myriad of forums and wesites out there, getting a good book on bodyweight circuit training or checking out ross enamait. His stuff is excellent, particulary and he even has a book dedicated to sandbag and other forms of GPP. Good man to boot.

no furthur comments needed

I’ve gone with efs training manual

I want to get into power lifting so I figure powerlifter are the guys to turn to when I don’t have unlimited resources.

Pavel’s Nekkid Warrior is good resource but check out “The Underground Guide to Warrior Fitness” by Ross Enamait. I think his site is called ‘warriorforce’. Its a great manuel with programs, diets, and every bodyweight move you can think of.