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Body Weight & Muscular Maintenance

Okay, I’m new to training and have been doing so since February 2008. I went from 155lbs to 182 with shorts and shoes on. So I might be at 175lbs now.

I’ve been doing 3x5 for the first 2 months and then switched to 5x5 until I reach 1.5 my body weight on the squatt, then I will go to the phase two 5x5 method.

I’m hoping by February 2009 I will be able to get off 5x5 and begin a 4 month hypertrophy program of my own design.

What exactly is involved in maintaining your muscle weight and bf%?

If I suddenly decide to join a sport or start some cardio/calisthenic work do I simply eat equal calories than I burned off or something?


You got some heavy ass shoes and shorts.

Personally, being on a 5x5 program for an entire year seems a little much.

If your adding cardio, then yea you will need to eat some more. Couldn’t make alot of sense out of your post for some reason.

5x5 recommends staying on it until you squat 1-1.5x your body weight. I would have to squat 265lbs before I can move on. I should be squatting 245lbs tomorrow (235lbs currently).

After that I was going to change my program, any advice?

Do have a goal other than just executing programs written by other people? In general, I think it would be wiser to let your rate of progress dictate when to change gears, and not when you reach a magic number, unless you have very specific goals. How long have you been at 235?

Are you talking about stronglifts? Im going to start stronglifts texas method on monday.