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Body Weight/Muscle Strength on AAS


If a person were to take aas and train hard yet stay at the same weight and bodyfat% would there actual muscles become stronger and more powerful.

i hear about people taking ass and getting bigger and stronger and becoming stronger and more powerful pound for pound but their bodyweight rises and their bodyfat% drops.


The muscles do become stronger. An increase in stamina is a player also.

In my case, I gain muscle mass and strength and my waist line decreases. The only cycle that I have done where this wasn't the case was using Deca but my diet wasn't as clean as it should have been. FYI.



if someone's body weight and bodyfat levels stay the same...

how do AAS make that person stronger?

please give a detailed reply...



I stand corrected on my first sentence. I have drank a few this evening. I was thinking of my current situation, the strength is awesome.

As for my second sentence, I am stating that it isn't possible, not for me anyway.

Contradicted myself there didn't I? YEP. Sorry for that.



I've never tried aas myself, but I would guess that most steroids would have a large effect on recovery time. With boosted testosterone levels, the athlete would be able to train longer and harder and still be able to recover faster than the normal athlete. As far as gaining strength without a change in bodyweight (through neurological adaptations) increased training intensity and volume should cause increases in strength faster than without the use of aas.

I'm just guessing here though.


Good guess. It is true that recovering faster and being able to train more often can help increase strength/weight ratio by allowing neural adaptions, but the increased hormone levels can also increase the efficiency of neural transmission leading to strength increases.


Actually, many anabolic steroids have an immediate effect on the CNS, and produce strength gains via that route, totally independent of muscle hypertrophy.

DHT-derived steroids are probably best for this....