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Body Weight Exercises


For whatever reason, I can not get the search engine function to cooperate tonight. So, my question is whether or not body weight exercises are sufficient for losing weight. I do have access to two seperate gyms, however, I'd rather do body weight exercises outside infront of my house then go to the gym. I don't really have a good reason for that, just preference. Anyone have any suggestions?



search engine not working fooled me for a nanosecond there


Body weight exercises are fine for weight loss. Strictly speaking, are they better than using weights? Maybe not, but the mainstay of your program should be cardio anyways.

The best routine for weight loss I've ever found was one where I would go jogging and then add in some resistance training like pushups, chinups, burpies, mountain climbers, leg raises, lunge jumps, squat jumps or lunge walking (to name but a few) every so often during the run. Try doing laps on a track and after each lap, do a set. Your heart rate will be kept high without solely relying on your legs.


That's fine. Try adding in those bodyweight exercises WHILE doing your cardio. For example, run laps at a highschool track and after each lap, do a set. Try doing things for your legs too such as: burpies, lunge walking, stationary lunge jumps etc. This kind of workout in fact, is the best one for weight loss that I have ever come across.

Good luck


Thanks guys.

And seriously, when I do a search all is shows me is the yellow number one.

Dunno what's up.


Search function really stinks! Have you read the recent article "7 Cardio Drills..."? You can use them for fat loss. Jumping rope is a killer, just as drill #7 :slight_smile: