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Body Weight Exercises Every Day?

what are your guys opinions on doing these type of exercises every day?

what do you think a good volume per day would be?

what other good body weight exercises can you do at home besides pushups for strength?


There's nothing about bodyweight exercises that makes you need less recovery. Think dips and pullups, even incline press ups and one leg squats. I'd still leave a day between each session if doing only bodyweight.

However if they are easy for you to hit 15+ reps for a couple of sets on each then you're already conditioned and doing them each day may just be a good over all muscle and aerobic exercise session.


Totally depends on your performance goal, (just building some muscle, specif. sport etc.) your current physique and your physique aim, your training. Just give us some information, dammit, the more the better.

Callisthenics aren't magical or special exercises, most of them are strength-endurance based and more or less fullbody oriented.
Normally, I wouldn't mind such a question, but today, everone is concerned about the abs, and 100 pushups and squats are something that burn calories, too (Meaning, you have to give your body extra-material to make something out of it). Just post us some info and we'll help you.


P.S. It's a BEGINNERS Forum question.


You can do them everyday if you so choose. Your recovery time will depend on your current condition, so too with volume. If you want to increase your abilities, you could try GTG. I've done that, and it works great.

You could do a heavy day followed by a light calisthenics day (if they are easy for you). This will force heavy concentrations of blood into the muscles for better repair and recovery. And since you're training different motor units (assuming that cals are easy for you), overtraining is not an issue.