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Ive been searching for an answer but i couldnt find much,what happens to the calories when a ectomorph eats and what happens when an endomorph eats how comes the endomorphs can put on weight easier ?


I believe it happens to be related to metabolic rate. There are so many variables to this such as hormonal, environment, and genetics.

So when a "ectomorph" eats, they burn their calories a lot faster than compared to a endomorph. Their bodies have lesser fat cell (genetics), and enomorphs are said to have more fat cells. The more fat cells the easier it is for the body to store it. I do believe that we are all born with a set number of fat cells. More so, we can increase that number with over consumption of food. We cannot get rid of fat cells once they are formed, naturally. However, you have people that go from 140lbs and gain to 200lbs, is he still considered a ectomorph? This is why there is a debate on the boards about this.

Hope that helps. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong in my post.


is there anyway to stop your body from burning calories quickly ?



The SAME EXACT THING HAPPENS. The calories get stored or burned.

Seriously STOP READING this shit right now. You will permanently ruin your 'understanding' of what it takes to get bigger and leaner.

Ectomorphs are ectomorphs because they dont eat as much as endomorphs OR because theyre more active than endormorphs. These terms are completely retarded btw and have no bearing on making progress.

About the amount of fat cell comment. Babies aren't born with X number of fat cells that remain throughout life. "Endomorphs" accrue fat cells because they give their body a reason to create those cells by consuming more calories than they burn.

"Endomorphs" put on weight faster becuase they eat more.

It would serve you well to completely forget about endo, ecto, and meso and just eat how YOUR body requires you to for your goals.


A Calorie going into anybody will be the exact same, if your an endomorph and have a slower metabolism and eat the same amount of calories as an ectomorph with a faster metabolism you will gain fat (provided calories consumed are above your physical requirments) Btw Ectomorph's can gain weight too.......you are over analyzing things.


But i count my calories and eat 1000 over my maintaince and im still finding it hard to put on weight and i know people who are endomorphs and they only eat a little over maintance and they put on weight easy so how can it be to do with how many calories you eat well it is but ectomorphs must have to eat about 1500-2000 calories over there maintaince.


Well, if you eat 1000 calories over your maintenance but are now burning more than 1000 calories more than you would when figuring out your maintenance, then you are in a deficit.

So, saying that one person eats so much and another eats less doesn't paint the full picture. You need to know if they do they same amount of work (how they burn calories) throughout the day. For example, I fidget when I'm sitting. I'm tapping my foot, twirling a pencil, something. If we did the same work in the gym, I'm probably burning more calories during the day because of my fidgeting. Although, if you are running, and I'm not, then you might be burning more calories.

It all comes into play.

Like was said before, figure out what YOU need to gain weight. If you aren't gaining weight now, eat more and check back in two weeks. Then, you should be telling us if you are eating enough, too much or if you need to eat more.


Gaining weight isnt from the realm of sorcery. The sooner you realize the basics the better off you'll be. As soon as you stop comparing yourself to anyone else youll be even better off.

If you aren't gaining weight on a consistent basis you need to eat more every single day. The fact of the matter is that if you arent gaining weight you simply aren't eating above maintenance. It's physically impossible to eat more than you burn and not store the energy somewhere.

Im going to assume you calculated your maintenance calories with some math formula or plugged in numbers and lifestyle comments into a website. Clearly it was wrong. Figure out how many calories you need to grow by consistently eating more until you start growing. Yes, its supposed to sound that simplistic.

How much stronger have you gotten in the past 6 months?


Ive done lots of calculators to find out what i need to gain but differnt ones give me alot off different answers maybe you could help me,im 125 pounds,5ft6 and the only things i really do are move around the house when im getting my food and 20 minutes of weights 3 times a week,atm im eating 3500 calories but not gaining.


Now im just going to assume youre a troll.

Did you even fucking reading what I wrote in the 3rd paragraph? If not I'll copy and paste it for you

Im going to assume you calculated your maintenance calories with some math formula or plugged in numbers and lifestyle comments into a website. Clearly it was wrong. Figure out how many calories you need to grow by consistently eating more until you start growing. Yes, its supposed to sound that simplistic.

And 20 minutes of lifting 3 times a week is a joke. Youre in the wrong place if you think that'll pass for training.

List these 3500 calories youre eating. What did you eat yesterday, in grams please.


If you're eating 1000 over matinence and not gaining weight, guess what? Your definition of matinence is wrong.

Go by what happens, not what is theoretically supposed to be true. Just watch the mirror/measurements.


He may be using a Bowflex, that states "To get lean and ripped you just need to use Bowflex 20mins a day 3 times a week!". Thought I heard that somewhere before...

I agree Bonez that I think he is;
a) Troll
b) 120lbs 16 year old with a lot to learn
c) Is really lying about his 3500 calories a day and isn't gaining.

Be interesting to see what kind of daily diet he can come up with. Thanks for the correction on the being born with a set number of fat cell. Where did you read that Bonez? Oh and I agree that "endomorphs" are not born with more cells but acquire them with over consumption of food. What I was sort of getting at in my previous post.


For someone your weight/height at 3,500 calories you should be gaining weight quite quickly. Do you keep track of your food intake? Are you eating 3,500 calories one day and 2,000 the next? That happens often with people who don't keep track of their food intake since they are full from the day before. I recommend you buy a food scale at Walmart to help remove any confusion with guessing how much food you are consuming.


About the fat cells.

I have no idea how many fat cells people are born with. Itd make sense to me if there was variation. But my point was that 'endomorphs' dont become fat because they are born with X many more fat cells than skinny people. They just eat more and move around less.


^I agree with that there is variation. What I was thinking. I meant to say that we are born with a "different" set amount, but there is a set amount we each have. The mother, genetics, and outside environmental aspects can play on the neonates fat cell development during pregnancy.


while stating that there are only 3 body types (ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph) is obviously a gross over-simplification, there absolutely IS a difference between how those who put on weight easily, and how those who struggle to gain significant weight, process the food they eat. it all comes down to the hormonal cocktail present within your body.

long story short, ectomorphs do not "absorb" their food as efficiently as mesomorphs. endomorphs, conversely, "absorb" their food too efficiently, leading to not only the desired muscle gain, but also the unwanted fat gain that makes an endomorph an endomorph.

obviously, if you're not gaining weight, the only realistic avenue to explore is eating more food... but if you truly are an ectomorph, you simply are not genetically capable of attaining the level of muscularity (and simultaneous leanness) of a mesomorph. in other words, in order to be as "big" as a mesomorph or endomorph, of the same height, you will almost certainly hold an unacceptable ratio of that "size" in the form of body fat.

it is what it is.



You just said that ectomorphs dont absorb their food well. Which is why they dont gain as much weight. Then you said that in order to carry muscle the ecto will have to carry too much fat. Are you that stupid to contradict yourself within a matter of 15 lines of text? Which is it? Do ectos carry fat along with their mass OR have trouble gaining mass because they dont absorb food?

Keep in mind you also said that endos carry fat mass with their muscle mass.

When do ectos start to magically gain mass with the majority of it being fat mass? What happens in their bodies that causes them to go from having a hard time gaining any mass to being able to gain mass but most of it being fat?

This is just another situation where your inner keyboard warrior has taken control and caused you to spew garbage on to the forum. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT TAKES TO BE BIG. That is the sole reason why anything you say is pure parroting of information. And in this case you aren't even parroting stuff. You are simply making shit up as you go. It'd be sad if you actually believed the shit coming out of your mouth.

Stop talking about hormones like you know what youre saying. There are fat people with high T levels and there are skinny people with high T levels. The same goes for E2 levels and cortisol.

And finally. You are completely wrong about the absorption of food. Skinny people are skinny beacuse they burn more than they consume. If you want to say otherwise please explain to us the biological pathways by which food is consumed but not 'absorbed'.

When are you going to realize that you are small beacuse of your mindset and not because you drew the shit end of the genetic stick?


If your not absorbing any of an extra 1000 calories then you have a disease.

In 99% of cases (excepting the true genetic freaks who make up probably far less than 1% of the population):

Ectomorph - person who consistently undereats relative to their activity level
Endomorph - person who consistently overeats relative to their activity level
Mesomorph - person who trains hard and regularly and eats enough to grow

The entire theory is based on bone structure and if I remember correctly was developed by psychologists to categorise people. It has nothing to do with being a "hardgainer".

OP, listen to Bonez & co, that means make sure your eating is consistent. 3500 calories every day. If you really are generally inactive and only lifting for a short period of time 3 days a week then that should be enough. If it isn't give 4000 a try. If that doesn't work after a month at 4000 every day then go get your thyroid checked by someone.

I also recommend training more than 20 minutes 3 times a week (you don't need to jump straight away into hour long sessions 6 days a week, but more than what your currently doing is a good start).



Let it die a quick, painless death now.


bonez217, it's clear to me and everyone else that you're a big strong guy. my hat's off to you. you clearly know what YOU need to do to get the results you want. but you really can't presume to know or understand what a guy who's having trouble gaining weight is going through if you've never had that issue, can you?

have you ever had a hard time gaining weight? somehow, i doubt it. you also need to read something other than flex, fella. if you don't believe me, perhaps you'll believe encyclopaedia britannicaa. for your reading pleasure, the definition of an ectomorph. pay special attention to the bit at the end.

ARTICLEfrom theEncyclopædia Britannicaa human physical type (somatotype) tending toward linearity, as determined by the physique classification system developed by the American psychologist W.H. Sheldon. Although classification by the Sheldon system is not absolute, a person is classed as an ectomorph if ectomorphy predominates over endomorphy and mesomorphy in his body build. The extreme ectomorph has a thin face with high forehead and receding chin; narrow chest and abdomen; a narrow heart; rather long, thin arms and legs; little body fat and little muscle; but a large skin surface and a large nervous system. If well fed he does not gain weight easily, and if he becomes fat he is still considered an ectomorph, only overweight. Compare endomorph; mesomorph.

the other rob, while you're clearly more well-read than bonez217 (and my hat's off to you, as well) if body type has nothing to do with hormones, why do you recommend someone who has trouble gaining weight get their thyroid checked? what is it you think the thyroid gland does exactly?