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Body Type and Nationality

I have long wondered why body types seem to be influenced by the nationality that one is descended from.

I know that not everyone fits these types, but why is it generally that Italians are short, or that Poles or those from Scandinvian countries are much taller? Just curious..


Italy is closer to the equator and everyone knows that gravity is stronger
there...hence shorter people. Even the leaning tower of Pisa is being gravitationally challenged and it happens to be in Italy.
Midgets and pygmies live right on the equator so my reasoning is sound.

It might also have to do with the density of the bones in your head. If you have a bonehead then you will be shorter.

On the other hand nations that have the propensity to have a vacuum in their heads tend to be taller because of the "lift" that they experience from childhood, due to lack of weight in that region of the body.

So closer to equator + bonehead = short
farther from equator + empty head = tall

How's that Irish?


Why do you want to know how tall our poles are??


Funny shit.




Hey I think those are good questions. It seems like big strong guys who enter the WSM contests are from Iceland, Greenland, finland, Germany.

And of course the best sprinters in the world are black. Oh oh that wasn't very PC of me.

I guess you can say that big strong guys are from certain parts of the world. But if you say blacks are good sprinters you get in trouble.

(looking at watch and waiting for the PC police to show up)

Let's see how long it takes for the shit heads to come out of the woodwork he he


Ha. I'm just trying to figure out how come the damn Irish and Italian came out the most, leading to my 5'6 height.

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I'm still laughing.


Where the Irish and Italians lack in height they make up in other departments.


You telling me that Irish people are short? My height must be from the English side then....


Hair gel?


I have another theory. In the Northern Countries like Finland and Poland, the tall guys with the long legs could run faster through deep snow. Hence, they were able to chase down the girls and have sex with them, thus passing on their genes. But then some of the smarter, shorter guys invented snowshoes that allowed them to float over the snow and compete with the tall, albeit dumb guys, for the ladies' affections. The short, stupid guys just died out. So, what you now see in these countries are two distinct groups: tall, stupid guys and short, smart guys.

I'm a Pole. I'm 5'8". Do the math, dummy.


Alcohol tolerance and the ability to wear heavy gold chains, respectively.


Well my Irish side is very short.


I know a guy who is 6'3 and he is half Irish and half Italian... His mom is 6', his dad is 6'1. He looks ALL Italian.


it's their noses and girlfriends' pant size.


My mother is the Irish and Italian...she's around 5'11...my old man is Polish, and he's about 6'1. Me? Yea....5 fuckin 6


I feel for you though as my grandma (of Dutch descent) was only 5'.


I bet your parents had a short mailman about the time you came along...


Look at BB coming out of the "introvert" closet. I guess marriage is doing you some real good after all, huh?