Body Transformation

hi there. i’m not really new here as i’ve gone through a lot of articles and posts for maybe the last year or so. i’ve had trouble really picking and sticking with a program, both diet and training. first i’ll tell you about myself.

i’m 19 years old, 6’2 205 lbs, probably somewhere between 18-25% body fat, i’ve never had a good measurement. earlier this year i managed to lose around 30 pounds going through boot camp for the us marine corps. i’m in a lot better shape now but by marine corps standards i’m still a fat body. what i’d really like to do is drop off the remaining fat and try to work on building a decent physique.

after doing some of my own research, i’ve decided that the destroying fat program by Christian Thibaudeau would work good for me as the excercises themselves are pretty common and i can fit them into my work schedule. i had a question regarding the schedule on that program.

on day 1 it calls for heavy lifting (chest/back) and day 2 is the lactate circuit. from what i’ve learned, its never good to train the same muscle groups on two consecutive days but in that lactate training circuit you’re going to inevitably hit both the chest and back. i’m sure theres just a concept i’m not a aware of but could someone clarify that for me.

also for diet, i haven’t really found that i could stick with. i tried the velocity diet and got pretty sick. the t-dawg diet seems plausible but is there any others i should check out?

in terms of supplements i have a multi vitamin, Hot-Rox Extreme, Flameout, Surge Recovery, and Metabolic Drive. how could i incorporate those into my workout?

i attached a picture of my current state of affairs

any help would be greatly appreciated

You can break down Thib’s workout like so

Mon - Chest/ Back heavy
Tues - Legs heavy
Thurs - Lactate 1
fri - off
sat - Lactate 2
sun off

Or switch up Tues and thurs… it really isnt a big deal as the rep ranges are so incredibly different.

Use the Metabolic Drive as a protein powder/ meal replacement product. Use the Surge after the Lactate workouts, HOT-ROX in the morning and evening, Flameout 4 pills in the morning.

T-dawg diet is the way to go in my opinion, and then use Surge after the lactate workouts, and a BCAA mix during the other 2.

You made it through the most difficult basic training and that pic is the end result? you either did just enough to get by or they lowered the standards since i last checked… it really doesnt look like you could pull of the running required to pass… not to mention the pushups… anyway now that im done being an ass. I agree with Lonnie, the T-dawg diet worked wonders for me, should do the same for you.