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Body Transformation

Hi Coach, I have six weeks till my holiday and have been dieing for around 4 weeks, I have hit a wall so to speak and can seem to get any leaner,

I have been using more of a carb based diet with low fat but im considering changing to a keto or low carb plan,

My bodyfat is currently 13%. In 6 weeks if one is dedicated with training and diet what sort of results could i achieve in that time frame? sub 10???

What would you have me do nutition wise im 6ft and 190lb at present


I would have started a few weeks earlier and be reading to make my own decisions, not expecting someone to lay it on a plate for me

who asked you JB413 ???

In fairness Dean, your post doesn’t reflect that you’ve investigated the issue yourself at all. High carb, low fat diet for fat loss? Probably not going to be effective.

That said, you should look at the big, bright caption on the front page of this website that says “V Diet 3.0.” It is taylor-made for your 6 week time frame and will surely be effective if you are tough enough to do it.

Dean, I doubt Thibs will reply to such a rudimentary and self-explanatory question.

Read through the ones of interest which I did:

I find it REALLY helpful, and, spent maybe 5 hours just reading old articles by Thibs

Anyway, elaborate on this “wall” is it a training wall, or, a nutrition wall.
Regardless of the situation, you have to switch shit up, variety is key.