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Body Transformation on a Budget

I was searching online one day for information on how to train to get into shape. I was extremely lucky I stumbled across this site. I have found some spectacular informatin here. I am extremely new to all of this and I have one major set back, my lack of funds is killin me.

I checked out the seven eating habits and i am changing that because I am looking for a lifestyle change.

I am in pretty good condition because while I cant work out with weights
I was always able to run do pushups and crunches. I was just hoping some one could give me some advice to help me out in my current sate. thanks a ton.

I’m not sure what your question is.

It shouldn’t take a lot of money to monitor your food intake and get some exercise.

You’ll find it difficult to buy all kinds of fancy foods and supplements on a tight budget, but you don’t need them to get moving in the right direction.

Good food. Good workouts. Good recovery.

These three things are your basics for a transformation. I’m assuming you are pretty sedentary given you use the word “transformation”.

Hey, if you want, you can always throw money at the issue later, based on what you decide you need to continue progressing. More lean meats. A gym membership. Supplements to help recovery. It’s hard to say, but if you travel this road for a while you’ll know when you get there.

How to make your own Gym, for FREE!! :

  1. Find a heavy rock

  2. Find a Cinder block

  3. Find a Keg

  4. Find a rope and a pallet, tie rope to pallet = instant drag sled

Pick up heavy object carry it drop it pick back up repeat. This can be done with any of the objects listed above.

Overhead, heave ho, foward pass throw the objects.

Stack objects on pallet, pull on rope for distance. Repeat