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Body Transformation, Help.

Age: 27
Hieght: 6-0
Today Wieght: 194 lbs
Atittude: Kicking ARSE and taking names

(Prior Wieght): 207 lbs Out of shape and basically obese around stomach area. Smoked ciggerettes about half a pack a day.

(Old diet): Basically what ever. Too much fast food and junk food!!!

(New weight): 194 lbs due to, Two months of treadmill everynight Monday-Thursday from 10:00pm-11:00pm (3 miles, 5.5-6.5 speed, high intensity) Smoking: COLD TURKEY JUNE 1st 2007

(New diet): basically anything nutiritous. Dr. Shultze Superfood drinks, Oatmeal,Fruits, veggies, meats, prtotien shakes, hand full of vitimins properly. (NO JUNK FOOD) In addition, I try to time all my eating with workout and work.

Last 3 weeks & future goal (Monday-Thursday):
Monday (ARMS) Tuesday (CHEST) Wednesday (Back, Sholders) Thursday (Legs)Old school way.

11:30AM 60 minutes cardio (aerobics, cycle, core, swimming)
12:30 AM 30-45 Minute Wieght lifting
2:00PM-10:00PM 8hrs (Work) Moderate walking (2.5 miles/day)
10:00 PM 2 mile Treadmill & ABs/Obliques.


I am not looking to get into professional body building, but I do want to stick to the diet and training (too feel good about myself, and have positive image for my music/artist). I started doing all cardio and basically have lost about 14lbs or so. I have lost alot of my gut, but there still is some there (FAT). I eat good now…see diet above.

But I tend to cheat on weekends a little, but not excessively. I just purchased ($105 good deal?) NO-Xlode, Ntirix, & Cellmass (so I can get bigger and zero my wieight in at exactly 200 lbs). My problem is this: If I start to take the supplements (MASS STACK). Will my gains suffer because I do too much cardio? (trying to kill the gut More) I want six pack.

I don’t want to leave my cardio classes (I know that one trainer likes me and she is HOT). I understand that I am like the only guy in the whole class, but damn the class is CRAZY with attractive women! Ok moving on…will my fat burn? I don’t want to start the stack if I need to lose more fat.

I don’t know my fat %, but I dedefintly am slimming down and getting leaner. With this Stack be affected by too much cadrio? What will happen if I keep this regimine going? I like cardio, but I want to get about 7 lbs bigger with the lean muscle mass…too all that HELP ME, I thank you tremendously. Any comments are welcomed.

P.S. Questions

  1. People say that my work out is CRAZY!!! Is that true?

  2. HOT-ROX (Fat Burner)? Can’t be taken with NO2(Nitirx) right?

  3. Heres a good question: Since NO2, and NO XLODE open blood flow and all that, would it be unsafe to take PURE CYENNE pepper with pre shake and post shake for More blood circulation.

Id lower not drop the cardio and put much more emphasis on the weights

I would personally take the crap you bought back to the store get a cheap Creatine monohydrate and a quality Protein supp, might look in the store here

HOT-ROX would help you if you really do have that diet in line. that along with solid training hard work etc and youll be on the road to your goals


If “normal” people think your workout and/or diet are crazy you’re usually doing something right. What do they think is crazy? Your intensity? Your exercise selection (deadlifts, perhaps)?

Phil’s advice seems to be pretty much on the ball… what’s with all these supplements I hear people taking about? Beginners too.

I don’t want to act like it’s a bad idea to buy a supplement but I really don’t see the point at your stage. I wouldn’t even encourage Creatine but to each his own. It will increase your weight (the number that is).

creatine will make him blow up… more water retention will make ur fat look fatter… and it will be pretty ineffective if you dont know how to weightlift properly… consult a trainer at your gym, do some research and make yourself a solid weightlifting plan… then maybe a few months down the line try some supplements if you want

Thank YOU evrybody for your tremendous help. I will take the supplemnts in moderaation. Start SLOW. Keep up my cardio. maybe lower it by a day or so and stay on diet. Rice, Oatmeal, lean Meat, veggies, and fruits.