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Body Transformation Help

Hey what’s up guys, I’m 6’4 290 Male…I used to play football as was in great shape. 6’4 250lbs. I don’t play football anymore.

I gained 40 lbs by eating and being lazy and now I want to get back to that 6’4 250lbs body frame. I have a bit of a problem though. I’ve always had “man boobs,” But now they are bigger, and it seems like fat is stored in my thighs and hips. So I look weird in a sense…

I basically want to Lean out my lower body, and increase the mass in my upper body. I went to the doctor, nothing wrong, but he said that I have higher estrogen in my body than normal and need to work out more.

What are some workouts and high testosterone diets I should get into? I signed up at the gym right after my doctors visit. and Would like to know what I should do.

no one?

How old are you?

[quote]Fat290 wrote:
I basically want to Lean out my lower body, and increase the mass in my upper body.[/quote]
Fat loss and muscle building will be throughout the entire body. Anything else is inefficient and short-sighted.

Tons of options. Pretty much any program that has 3-4 days of lifting and 2-3 days of cardio will fit the bill. Or almost any lifting plan plus this basic walking plan. At your size, this might be a good idea to drop some fat without stressing your joints much:

Healthy fats are essential for Testosterone production. Other than that, this is a great step-by-step way to get into a fat loss diet:

Also, get to bed before 2:00am. Seriously.

Thankyou for the reply, I will try to be to bed before 2 AM, that isn’t the first time I heard this…