Body Temperature

I lost about 87 pounds about a year and a half ago. Most of it fat, but I lost most of it the wrong way. I probably dieted under 1800 cals. for months not knowing any better. I went from 242 to 155 and about 8-9% fat.Now I seem to get cold easy.Outside when it is 50 degrees I am cold and most of my other friends are not. Another thing is I always used to be hot and sweat a lot. Could this have something to do with my lost body fat or my metabolism. I am now 14-15% body fat.

You most likely decreased thyroid functioning. Best bet is to try doing it “the right way”. Try some resistance training and a good diet. Read back issues on this site for info. Read “The Diet Manifesto”.

Its probably the amt of iron in your blood. Form a vitamin deficency. Try a multivitamin.

Jason: Both. Fat is metabolically active tissue and also acts as a “body insulator”. Couple the loss of TWO metabolically active tissues (fat and muscle)and you’ll run “cooler” than pre- weight loss.

All is not lost, though. Increase your lean body mass, eat often, and increase your cardio, and the 'ole furnace will start burning again!

Your thyroid output is nowhere. I experienced the same, I went from 27x lbs to 16x lbs over a course of 5.5 months doing the same thing as yourself, but at 1300 kCal :frowning: I am afraid you will have a hard time getting yourself back to the track and I bet your testosterone (if you are male) is nowhere too. I do not know what are you eating now, but I would up the calories by adding good fats and protein.

These things are all probably related but nothing is really serious. Your metabolic rate may be less than it use to be, so now you need to make sure you train regularly and eat often to keep your metabolism up. Also, you use to have a big layer of fat over your whole body. That is a lot of insulation that you have lost and thus you wont get hot as easy and you will get cold more often and at higher temperatures than you used too. Overall, it sounds very normal and it seems as if you have done no real damage.

First off congrats on losing the weight. My question to you is did you use alot of ephedra based products and other supplements to help you? I know from experience that they will definitely mess with you and your body temperature. Other than that im sure that the increase in temp sensitivity is defnitely due to the fat loss: you have less body mass and fat to keep what your body is used to as its consistant temp. I am not sure if it will go away, but thats all i can really offer to you! Good Luck

You’re probably hypo-thyroid due to the fact your thyroid went into starvation mode during your low calorie diet and if you used a lot of thermos etc, they cause thyroid down regulation also. Your thyroid can take a long time to upregulate again where T3 levels return to normal and it may never get back to the level before your diet as it my see your new lower body fat %'s as still a sign of starvation as your body strives to get back to higher fat levels. Using a lot of thermos for a long period of time can screw up your thyroid too. You can go to a Dr. and have thyroid stimulating hormone level checked and also T3 level checked as T3 is what controls your metabolism but your thyroid won’t make T3 until told by thyroid stimulating hormone. In the mean time, try Biotest T2 Pro which is a supplement which provides the raw materials to encourage the thyroid to produce more T3.