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Body Temp While Restricting Calories

A la physique clinic I have been taking my body temp every morning on rising.

My average is about 35.6 under arm. The directions say that under arm is 0.5 lower than your actual body temp.

So for the sake of argument, im 36.1 on average.

I wasn�??t taking my body temp before cutting so I don�??t know what I should be personally, so the normal warning of a dropping body temp cant really help me as I am concerned that this drop happened before I began measuring.

Am I not supposed to be around 37 degrees?

As it stands Im not losing weight in keeping with the measures I am using.

I could potentially (according to some sources, especially Berardi) have gone too low in my calorie intake.
But my body temp also suggests im too cool, which means I am not getting enough?

Im taking in 2800 cals daily at 212 pounds bodyweight, 16-18% body fat.

Regardless ill be waiting until Monday before I take action, look over my results for the last 3 weeks and see if I have averaged a decent fat loss.
If I have ill continue as is, but if its not as efficient as I think it should be I will either be going up to maintenance for 2 weeks and seeing what my body temp does, or ill be cutting down to 2500 a day to see what happens to both temp and fat loss.

It would be helpful if I could have other peoples opinions on both my current cals and body temp, and how they might be related etc.

any help would be appreciated (although ove night my temp came up a little and 2 pounds of weight fell off. go figure lol.

my query still stands though!

Your body temperature is usually lower in the morning especially taken right after waking up.

Try taking it at different times during the day. Also not everyone is exactly 37 degrees. There are some individual variations.

What was your temp when not dieting?

I wish I knew, it only occurred to me to take after I started ;]

my temp seems nearer to 37 later in the day, but thats not suprising considering how active I am and that im on HOT-ROX!

I guess im after people backing you up saying there are variances between peoples temp.

panic over, unless someone has alot of experience in this area im happy to let it lie!