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Body Temp Thyroid Testing when on Synthroid

Hi so tested my body temperature for thyroid function.

0700 95.9 f
1500 97.5 f

this indicated it could be a problem.

Should i get off the synthroid for a week or 2 then try again, or does this indicate i should indeed be on the synthroid. I use Iodinized salt, take an iodine supplement (kelp) and have a multi vitamin with both iodine and selenium.

Thinking about stopping the synthroid or asking for a prescription increase - on .25mcg daily


Need thyroid labs.
Free T3
Free t4
Reverse t3
Also check thyroid antibodies
Or else hard to help.

May need t3 medication also. Synthroid is t4. Need labs above.

thanks - sorry for not including them - TSH was 2.14 mU/L (.32-5.04 range) being in canada the T4 order was cancelled and no t3 order -

I have an older blood req which shows
TSH 1.8mU/L (.27-4.2)
t4free 13.1 pmol/L (10.5-20)

both these tests were on synthroid.

I may have to go across the line to get more detailed tests in the USA.


And moron liberals want to bring one payor socialized medicine here in usa

You really need the other tests.

But even on synthroid your t4 was low normal. Should be higher. At least mid-range.