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Body Temp Recordings and Metabolism


I began recording my body temp every morning for the past two weeks. It started off at 97.4 and now is up to a constant 98.3 does that truly indicate that my metabo is speeding up. I lift 3 days a week and do light cardio 45 minutes everyday and eat low carbs high pro diet. Im going for fatloss .


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Yes its a good thing to not have your body temp drop. Energy is heat. It's a bit anal retentive but if you enjoy it go for it.


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By the way, what type of time frame are we talking about here?


Sounds a bit OCD. Why bother worrying about such an insignificant detail. You're probably overthinking things.


Time frame is 2 weeks for body temp recordings. Training and dieting for 72 days now. I started at 293 pounds im now down to 255 as of this morning.


It's not so insignificant. It's not necessary, but it can tell you when your body needs a refeed day or a break from heavy training by gauging metabolism. It's handy.


I dont think its insignificant in my case as i was 65 pounds overweight when i started and trying to jumpstart my metabolism.

Thibs and shugert both recommend taking your body temp for a time period to see if your diet and training need a tweak to help with your fatloss. Yes it might be a bit ocd but i would rather be a bit ocd with my diet and training than a fatass anymore ya heard.


Off topic, but congrats on dropping 38lbs in 10 weeks. Are you able to maintain strength?


Yes i have actually gotten stronger, i was way out of shape no way i could not get stronger i was layed up for 2 1/2 years with a cervical spine injury that took a couple surgeries to get over that new titanium plate in place of 2 disc did the trick lol. blunt trauma to the head really hurts thanks for the congrats.