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Body Temp. and T2...(Bill perhaps?)

I was hoping that someone could lay out how to read into morning body temperature measures. What’s ideal? Will T2 raise my temp?
I’ve been on a CKD for 17 weeks straight now (with a week and a half break in there somewhere to get my metabolic rate a little higher before jumping back on the CKD). I’m not losing any more fat now despite the fact that I only eat 1200-1500 calories a day (and I’m 185, 10.5%) I took my morning temperature today and it was 96.9
Is that bad? Will T2 push it up and allow me to start losing fat again, seeing as I seem to have plateaued here…?

At 98.0 degrees, you are certainly doing fine. Or you can be in the high 97’s and this is fine too. Mid or low 97’s, the Duchaine theory is that supplement thyroid will probably help you a great deal.

In practice some people vary quite a bit from this and have morning temperatures
in the low 97’s yet are doing perfectly well and have good thyroid function. So I would not take the method as absolute gospel.

That said, in your case, 96.9 degrees, and not losing fat with 1200-1500 cal/day at 185 lb, yes, it certainly sounds as though thyroid levels have become low from dieting and supplemental thyroid could help your fat loss a great deal.

(By the way, for someone not wishing to use T2 or another
thyroid hormone, in this situation the thing to do would be to take at least a week at 15 cal/lb LBM/day until the problem seemed corrected, and only then resuming dieting.)

I would imagine the T2 would help.
But more importantly, Dan Duchaine once said that one should take at least a 10 full days off a CKD every six weeks in order to get your morning basal temp. up. He said you really have to eat normally (maintenance calories or slightly above) to get the 'ol metabolism rolling again.
Of course T2 could help, but I’d still take some time off.

Yes it will but realize that for every degree
you’re only going to lose an additional
1/5th of a pound of fat per day all else
remaining equal.

I might consider adding in 3 caps of T-2 per


1/5 of a pound of fat daily?
that sounds pretty good, as it amounts to more than a pound per week. Bill or Brock, do you have any suggestions about how T2 would be optimally used on a CKD? on the zero carb days versus the carb-up days?

And my biggest concern is about coming off the T2 and having my metabolic rate in the toilet. Any suggestions for what the best ways are to go off of it at the end of 2 to 4 weeks so that I won’t blow up like a balloon?