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Body Slam


I just love this - a very different bodyslam from quite possibly the most stupid people on earth.

I especially like the "OK, what's wrong dude?" question.

goto Break.com and search for "Body Slam" then select the video "Guy Body Slams Buddy Off Roof".

For your amusement, if you're twisted like me...



evolution in action.


"Okay dude, what's wrong?"

I'm guessing "oh snap" would be a bad exclamation to use in this instance.


Those guys should definitely be nominated for the 2005 Darwin awards...


Yes, it made an otherwise great video priceless didn't it? If you listen carefully, you can hear the cameraman snicker just as they hit the ground - I have to believe he knew what those dumb-asses were going to do. But then - even the dumb-asses should've known that, too...