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Body Shaper Infomercial


I just saw the late night infomercial for this:


I think this shit is kind of unfair; I mean, I would NOT hit the before picture in the pink, but I would mos def hit in the second picture.

Further, do you get rebound out of this things? Are women going to start shimmying into powerlifting briefs to instantly firm up their roll?


That's because in the before pictures they're leaning down and pushing that fat belly out as far as it'll go.In the after,they're standing up straight and sucking in,in addition to wearing the item.


Powerlifting gear actually flattens things out, takes away the good curves (like the butt-thigh interchange), and makes you look unsexy. I want my money back.

As for body shapers - they are never comfortable, they never perform as well as the before and afters, and they generally suck.