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Body Sculpting Bible for Men

Was looking for some opinions on the book Body Sculpting Bible for Men. Recently I dropped 35 lbs and wanted to start a muscle building routine (diet and excercise of course). The trainer at the gym I just joined put me on a canned routine at the gym and didnt’ even mention my diet. I am sure it isn’t his fault but he doesn’t seem to really have the time to work with me. Amazon.com gives some great reviews. I would value some T readers input much higher though on the authors (James Villepigue, Hugo A. Rivera, Robert Kennedy)and content and/or other book recommendations. Thanks

Yes it is his fault, that is what he is paid to do, and he just wasted your time. Congrats on your weight loss and be sure to check out the FAQ section of this site, you should find more than enough info on training and diet. Best of luck.

Have you check out the site attached to this forum? i would before you spend any money on books. Go to the FAQ section.

I the early version of that book, Hugo used to sell it from his website for $15, it was a pdf file and no pics. I saw his new book a few months ago and it looks like it’s pretty much the same info with pics. It’s all pretty basic. If you have no clue what you are doing then it’s worth the investment.

Don’t waste your money on the book Kennedy writes up boring old 3 sdets of 10-12 rep routines. You will get a helluva lot of info on this site just search the previous issues. If you are looking for good books Ian King has some good books as well as Charles Poliquin.

One more thing do yourself a favor ditch the trainer. Most of them don’t know jack shit!

Go to wallmart buy a large 3 ring binder a 3 hole punch a rem of printer paper go to FAQ section and start a printing. Find a work out and a diet Meltdown/don’t diet ??? start a log www.fitday.com ??? and your knowledge will increase exponentially. JUST DO IT.