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Body Recomp or Bulk and Cut


Alright, so im 18, 6'1 and 200 pounds at around 20% bodyfat. Problem is my face looks lean at 200, and I look lean with cloths on, with them off though you can see man boobs, a small belly and love handles. I do not want to go under 200 pounds, I once got to 190 and I looked like a pansy, even my mom told me that I look like a weakling.

SO I have been reading up on body recomp, and It basicly states that you should eat the same amount of calories that you would eat if you were trying to maintain your goal body, and my goal body right now is 205 @ 12 % BF. Does that actually work? Or should I just bulk a few pounds, cut down to 205, and keep bulking/ cutting to 205 until I get my goal body?


Start lifting and eat like a human being.

Forget this “bulk” and “cut” bullshit.

Think lifelong endeavour. Do not, under any circumstance do the bulk and cut as you described. Yo-yo anything doesn’t work.

Just get on a program, eat and be consistent.

You get fat, cut down. You are weak, eat more. Listen to your body, or at least, learn to listen to your body.

And for the love of everything, be consistent.

And what have you done since you last posted and ignored what was said?