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Body Recomp Log Primer-Comments?

Im new to this forum please let me know if this post would go better in another section?

So ive decided to start over from scratch. Ive been training for a few years and have gotten some good results and decent size. Ive been plagued by a few injuries over the years and have finally had the necessary surgery to fix them (rotator cuff and ac joint resection). Instead of trying to get the emmediate end results im starting from the ground up and rebuilding. This will be the start to my 6 month body recomp plan.

Im going to list my tentative plan and was looking for some input on it. Eventually i will begin loging everything with pics and stats. I beleive a log will hold me accountable for my success or failure.

as of right now im specifically working on cardio and shoulder rehab. Im trying to get myself down to a good lean starting weight. To many times ive jumped into a bulk with already to much additional body fat and never achieved the physique I wanted. This time im starting my program with a pre cut.

for cardio I currently do a tabata protcol cardio session 3-5 days a week first thing in the morning. I then do a long distance endurance style workout in the evening 5-6 days a week generally consisting of an hour of moderate intensity cardio. This is so that I effectively stress both my aerobic and anaerobic systems ultimately resulting in superioer cardiovascular health and fat loss.

The month of march I plan on preparing my body for the workouts to come. Ive been off lifting for some time with this shoulder surgery and rehab so jumping straight into an intense program would be a bad idea. So for march I will begin doing a bodyweight type workout with the addition of back squats and deads (my two favorite lifts). The bw exercises I plan to use will be pullups, chin ups, bw rows, dips, weight vest bearcrawls, etc. I think this month of bw will give me a good chance to get back into athletic performance shape and allow my shoulder a chance to strengthen without stressing it to much in the beginning. I will of course continue to do my shoulder rehab and cardio and continue to drop excess fat.

april-may-- muscle mass phase (hypertrophy)

This is where im undecided. I will begin my lifting here. I am looking to do a hypertrophy workout strictly for size. I will be decreasing my cardio and upping my caloric intake to amount for the increased caloric demand. As of right now I am leaning towards charles poliquins advanced gvt traning

( http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/advanced_german_volume_training ).

Ive done the intermediate version with good success and have seen the effects the advanced has generated. Half way through this workout I will have a deload week in which ill allow my body to recover. This workout takes six weeks to complete so that will leave an adequate deload at the end of the gvt before moving into my next phase.

June-july–strength/power phase

At this point i plan to move into a 5x5 type of powerlifting strength workout. I am currently looking into bill stars advanced 5x5.


I also have enough stocked up pro hormones to supply an army and might consider using one of them through one of these phases. What do you guys think about which one? the strength or mass phases? the ph im pry going to use will be a 19nor (tren extreme).

july-august—cut peak phase

This will be the end of this workout plan and I will move back into more cardio and probably use some crossfit style circuit training as my lifting choice. I will pry deload for a week or two and then move into the crossfit circuit training for a few months.

please critique all of this and join in on my journey to help me along the way. I hope in time this becomes a running diary of my quest. I have several supplement plan to support me throught the phases of the six months but will get into those deeper in later posts.

Well, you didn’t give any stats on your current strengths and body comp stats, so its kinda hard to say.

  1. Tabata 3-5x a week is usually a red flag in any program. You either aren’t doing it right, or you wont be able to recover/progress, and will be wasting your time. Not to mention you are doing 5+ long duration sessions in addition to this.

  2. I know a lot of people dont take this path, but I have and im not regretting it. Start out with a beginner routine. Starting strength works nicely. If you are limited by your injuries then start out very slow on your progressions of increasing the weight. The starting strength wiki outlines everything, but basically you’ll stick with the program until youve become “too advanced” to progress on it. Then you move up to a more advanced program and repeat. It will take you a little longer because you have to be careful of the injuries but thats a good thing. (Im not very advanced, and its only going to take me about 1-2 months to move past starting strength) And I do expect to gain a decent amount of strength/muscle even on this routine.

  3. With more info on your stats better recommendations can be made. But basically the diet, cardio, and resistance training all have to fit together to meet your goals. And the amount of cardio you are doing will probably prevent success for you. It may be ok for a short 2-3 week period but 6 months no.

Jesus Christ. youre new here, do yourself a HUGE favor and dont go around these forums taking Dankid’s advice. hes a fucking assclown and everyone knows it.

as for your plan, i would suggest either more traditional cardio, or tabata, or high intensity interval training (HIIT) such as sprints- pick one, not all. you could probably even get away with mixing approaches, say 2 days tabata, 2 days HIIT. either way, i wouldnt double up and do any of these twice a day as you planned- especially since you dont plan on doing any type of resistance training during your 2x/day cardio- you would likely end up losing a lot of muscle, assuming you have a lot to lose.

btw- as for your plan of not doing resistance training and then slowly re-introducing it, i think thats a huge mistake if you can get around it. i understand youve got some injuries and all, figure out what you can do and do it. if your shoulder is fucked and you simply cant do upper body, work your legs. if your shoulder is fucked and you cant hold the bar, try it one-handed, its been done. if you cant- leg press, squat machines, etc. back extensions, etc. work your neck, etc, etc. if you keep training the muscles you can still train, your body will have a much easier transition back into full training mode, and your body will be more inclined to hold onto your muscle.

Ive worked up to completing 3-5 tabata sessions a week (five times a week is a rarity and mostly only occurs if I know ill miss my nightly session). One tabata being a warmup of five minutes followed by 8- 20 second on at 90 percent of vo2 max intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest, then a five minute cooldown. I typically use a jump rope as I am able to really crank out the intensity and can complete it basically anywhere. This is only my workout now as I am not lifting only working through some simple rtc protocol. Once lifting begins I will obviously decrease cardio to equivilate to an excess of calories in order to put on mass. My nightly long distance sessions are generally low to moderate intensity elliptical work to stress my aerobic system.

I’ve done starting strength a lot and probably gained more from that program than anything I’ve done. If anything it forced me to get damn good on my squat form by doing so many damn squats haha. In the past I’ve often gone back to it as a way to bring myself back to the core lifts. I most recently did it with the additions/replacements he reccommends of the olympic lifts. I have Rippetoes hardcover book from a long time ago (the first release). Bill starrs 5x5 is kinda designed in a similiar way focusing on the big three lifts just with more variance in reps and weight percentages.

Current stats:

190 lbs
Last time I had body fat measured (hydrostatic weighing): 14 percent

Strength levels I’m not sure of as I haven’t lifted in over 3 months due to surgery and pt. This is why the bw session will begin my lifting. It will give me a better since of my strengths and weaknesses and allow me to attempt lifts again to decide starting points.

Thanks for posting please continue to check in and comment on my posts to help me out along the way.

Dez thanks for the post I agree ill lose a lot of strength not lifting. My first phase (march) is going to be a phase of bodyweight upper body work which will allow me to build back some functional muscle mass. I think you can get a hell of a reistance workout from just bw type stuff like pullups, pushups (various types), dips, etc. I’m also starting to do deads and squats and other leg exercises. I’m definetely going to drop to one type of cardio a day once I start lifting and adjust as my calorie intake changes for my current phase of lifting.

Thanks a lot man stick around and help me out if ya can.

Cool stuff Aztec. I went back to starting strength, just to reinforce my form and have a built in backoff period while building up to working weights again. My plan is to then follow the progressions outlined in Practical Programming which will likely take me into the Texas Method, and then finally I’ll decide between Westside and 531. I like it, because its systematic and easy to monitor everything, vs the usual go to the gym, work hard and hope you progress.

I think SS or even star’s 5x5 would do you well even from the beginning. I see no reason to go with just body weight stuff unless your doctor said so. If your rehab is complete and the dr. gives the ok, go with the program you intend to use, but just start out very easy. Maybe add some extra volume and “prehab” type movements like facepulls, band pullaparts, scarecrows, and pushups. But doing one of these programs you’ll be able to ease yourself into it, and monitor whether you are ready to start pushing the weights up harder.

I still disagree on the cardio/conditioning, but hey if you can handle it and still make progress with the weights, then go for it. I’d cut it way back when the weights start to get heavy.

Good luck.

btw, Dankid dont do 5/3/1. youre not cool enough for it. or it for you, for that matter.