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Body Recomp: Eating More, Doing More


Hello all,

So, I've been bulking about 10 months right now. Last I checked I was 225 (up from 165, but I don't have a scale). I'm about 16% body fat. Mostly it's just love handles. However, I love that my strength is shooting up, also that I'm building a lot of muscle. I was wondering if it's possible to just have a change in body composition rather having to go on a full-on cut.

So basically, is eating above maintenance but just doing more work (i.e cardio, gpp, etc...) going to make a difference? I mean obviously it won't hurt, and I'm going to try it to find out but I'd like some opinions. Also, I don't mind that right now I carry more fat than I'd like since I know it'll pay off in the end, but I was curious as to the efficacy of trying to do a recomposition phase.

Thanks for any (useful)feedback


I believe Beradi has some articles on G-Flux, where its far better body comp-wise to take in more kcal and expend more..so like it's better to be eating 5000kcal and expending 5000kcal than 3000kcal and 3000kcal respectively. Apparently it is possible to gain LBM and lose fat at the same time.

From a personal experience, I believe it's far easier to do one or the other. On a kcal surplus, it's going to be difficult to lose much fat to make a noticable difference.


I'm sure it works, and I've even been able to pull it off at certain times but working that hard (at eating and then working out) is really hard and time consuming.


I figured as much, but I have 3 months off for summer so I have nothing but free time.




If you have a lot of free time I say go for it. Like pete said, read Berardi's g-flux stuff. It basically explains what you are suggesting.




a few useful links


Thanks for the links.


I think carb-cycling is best suited for recomp-type goals. From what I have seen.


I thought about that, but I'm not sure how it would work for me. I train 6 days a week, and carb cycling is supposed to be high on training days, low on off. I only have one off day, so I don't know how that'd play out.


My training partner is carb-cycling currently. We lift ME Lower Monday, DE Upper Wednesday, DE Lower Thursday, ME Upper Saturday. He has a "high" day only on monday, though he recently dropped from having a high day monday and thursday. So, high day on our HEAVIEST day, medium day every other training day, and low days when there is no training. He does some form of cardio every low and med day.


Thanks, that clears a lot up.


Or you could just eat more and do more and not have to count carbs! =D


True, but I guess there's the whole optimizing progress idea.