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Body Recomp and Supplement Protocol?


Need any help or advise about body recomp. I’m not good in planning fat loss/recomp. My current body stats are:
Lean muscle mass: 83kg
Body fat percentage: 28%(approximately)
I know fat loss / recomp is mostly about diet and diet is not my forte. Neither I can diet for calorie deficit for 21 weeks. Which supplement protocol should I choose. And how to approach this in terms of training.


You say that you know that fat loss is mostly about diet YET you do not ask for diet advice and say that you can’t sustain a solid diet.

Sadly you cannot compensate a bad diet with training and supplementation. Furthermore you mention that your goal is recomp… losing fat AND gaining muscle. Both are difficult goals by themselves, but doing both at the same time is even more difficult AND REQUIRE AN OPTIMAL AND PRECISE DIET… you are not asking the right question.


I was thinking of 6 weeks of building muscle and then 4 weeks of fat loss and repeat that. Will it be good idea to do.


Not bad. Not sure that you will build a lot of muscle in 6 weeks and during the 4 weeks fat loss you are likely not going to add lots of muscle. As I mentioned, it is a long process. Depending on how much fat you are trying to lose in each cycle an how much fat you gain during the 6 weeks period you are likely going to add about 2lbs of muscle per 10 weeks cycle, maybe 3. Doesn’t sound like much? Well that IS 10-15lbs of muscle tissue in a year, which is an excellent rate for natural non-beginners… of course some gain more “weight” and they THINK it’s all muscle. But more often than not it’s fat, water, glycogen and muscle… 10-15lbs of dry muscle weight per year is a lot.


Great. Completed first cycle of complete power look I must say. I’m impressed how my body changed and all my lifts gain new height:
Front squat: 98kg×8@100℅
Bench press: 94kg×5@100℅
Push press: 92kg×3@100℅
(All of these reps performed on last set of 10 week 3×3@100℅)
Programs like layer system,915 and others are all done in caloric surplus which I’ll do during hypertrophy phasebut im confused on what to do during fat loss cycle.my thoughts are:
Diet is no.1 priority
Conditioning both aerobic and anaerobic should be focused …
But weight training is what I’m confused.


I’m thinking losing 6-8 lbs of fat during 4-6 weeks of fat loss and 2-3lbs of lean muscle mass during 6-8 weeks of hypertrophy.


Yeah, thats realistic