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Body Recomp Advice


Coach, i'm anxious to enter a body recomp phase for the next few months. My goals ate basically similar to your first transformation, the beast evolves. Obviously your training philosophies have changed over the years.

If you were to go back and do it over again, what current training philosophy would you use? Something like your layers for fat loss, with some conditioning work thrown in (kb swings, complexes, sprints, etc?) And would those changes in training philosophy affect your dieting approach? Carb cycling and limiting carbs to pre/intra/post-workout?

Any other advice based on your current favorite routines or approaches to a good recomp?

Thx in advance for any advice
PS - ive been rotating through cycles of layers and throwing in some dan john 10k kb swings workouts to hit the conditioning points...i love the layers approach, but looking to find what approaches you would change for recomp based on your current preferences with training.