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Body Rebelling Against All This Food


I'm an 18 year old skinny fuck at 5'6" and ~150 lb (haven't weighed myself in a bit). I've been bulking near constantly for the last year or so except for this summer where I just ate at maintenance for a few months like a pussy. I started at 115-120 lb. Overall I believe I've gained close to no fat at all. Possibly even lost a little over the summer.

Anyway, for the last two weeks or so I've had a bit of trouble getting in enough food. I've started feeling like you feel when you've just started bulking. The nausea threshold is way closer than it was just a week or two ago. Also I'm not hungry in the evening, even with just one meal since the morning. (A 1500-2000 calorie meal, but still) It used to be that I'd feel full for about half an hour, then I'd start feeling hungry again pretty quickly. Feels like my metabolism is slowed down a bunch.

Two things that could have something to do with it. The last few days I haven't been training quite as hard as usual, as my body's starting to get a bit unhappy. I guess you could say I'm deloading. Also I haven't been sleeping quite as much as I ought to.

So given all that, I'm wondering whether I should keep shoveling in the food and suck it up? Or should I listen to my body? I'm leaning towards shoveling it in anyway, but I tend to make bad decisions in terms of knowing when to let up a bit for the sake of the long term. I'd appreciate any advice from more experienced lifters. Thanks for your help and sorry for the super long post.


eat calorie dense foods?

maybe you're eating too much of something that you may be allergic to... just a possibility

what are you eating typically and how much? try to be exact as you can


oh and FASTED MORNING CARDIO FTW! and if that doesnt work you could always try some GHRP6 :wink:


I'm at college so I do my best with the cafeteria food. Generally three meals a day plus a liter of chocolate milk during training sessions. Lots of milk at ever meal. (I've been eating plenty of dairy all my life with no problems so I don't think that's a problem.)

Breakfast is usually some kind of sausage or bacon, eggs or french toast, and often hash browns or something. Usually an apple or an orange or something too. I've recently started drinking orange juice here too. (I didn't know where the machine was before haha)

Lunch is a bunch of hard boiled eggs and usually pizza (sadly) with all sorts of meat toppings. Often I can get some cheeseburgers too. I usually don't eat the buns, just the burger and the cheese. When I have time, I usually get a salad (sometimes raw broccoli). Recently I've taken to slathering ranch dressing all over it to get some more calories in.

Dinner is also lots of hard boiled eggs (I practically live on those disgusting things) and some kind of meat. Often chicken wings, sometimes salisbury steak or something like that. There's usually some other stuff too that I get too. Sometimes pasta, often some vegetables. If they don't have anything worth my time I get a bunch of cold cuts instead and eat those (and more freakin hard boiled eggs). Oh and I often get some cheeseburgers here too. I generally have another salad at dinner also. Often with carrots. I've been eating some ice cream here too in the last week or so to try and keep my calories up.

Thanks for the help. I don't think GHRP-6 is an option at the moment though I could use a little more height :smiley:


hmm nothing really sticks out to me except that you can avoid EXTRA liquids as they might bloat you if there is a lot of food in your stomach

i had the same problem after a while when i was pounding the cafeteria food. before i would sit down with my plate i would start to get that feeling in my stomach...

anyway, SERIOUSLY try the fasted cardio. A LOT of body builders do that to help stimulate their appetite and it works!

try it tomorrow and let me know how it goes


oh and you should be proud of your progress! you put on 25% of your original BW!!!


I'm currently a college student trying to live off of cafeteria food too. It has been working well for me as I've thrown on roughly 20lbs this semester. My strategy is not to eat all I possibly can in 3 meals a day at the cafeteria, but to "grocery shop" at the cafeteria. I fill my large backpack up with as much tupperware as it will hold twice a day and fill it with cafeteria food. This includes half gallon jugs I fill with milk. This allows me to keep my 3 mini fridges full at all times and eat constantly over the day rather than several massive meals.

I'm proposing this solution as I assume you do not have much money to spend being a college student, but have a meal plan you can take advantage of.


thats a good idea! only problem was for my cafeteria they had people watching to make sure you didnt take food.... like you dont get ripped off enough w/ meal plans


OP, my body would probably rebel against me too if I were eating the shit you're eating. It sounds miserable, man.

Look, I'm going to assume that along with the foods you listed, you basically have a similar cafeteria to the one I had when I was an undergrad. I'll also assume you have no money for food otherwise--if you do, invest in a protein powder. Here are some possible changes:

-Breakfast: screw hash browns and french toast, and definitely screw the orange juice. Drink milk, stick with eggs and the breakfast meats if that's the best you can do. If vegetables are available, have at em. If not, then whatever you'll live. Piece of fruit or whatever is fine.

-Lunch: Prioritize the salad, fuck the dressing. Is peanut butter available? If so, and I'm serious, take a cup full of eggs and mix in a few TBSP of PB. Again, drink water or milk. Get some meat in there however you can.

-Dinner: stick with a Green Face approach. Get whatever vegetable is available unless it's deep fried, and get a shitload of whatever meat is available.

A lot of this is contingent on when you workout. If it's right before lunch, then you could probably leave the buns on the cheeseburger and be fine.



valid points but he has a hard time putting on weight. that's why he's eating all that


It's not about the foods necessarily in and of themselves (exception: fruit juice and not making sure to eat vegetables). It's about eating stuff that, at least from the OP's posts, he seems to really dislike altogether. Disliking the way your food goes down makes it really difficult to eat a whole lot of it.

TBH, I remember when I started disliking the way my food tasted at the cafeteria on some days and doing stuff like mixing in protein powder with the food. If you hate the taste of hard boiled eggs, crush 'em down and mix in some whey--or, as I suggested earlier, some PB. Get creative. Something worth thinking about.


I tried fasted cardio this morning. Did a few hill sprints and ended up nauseous for a while. But once that settled down, I was freakin ravenous. Awesome. Thanks MAF14 for that one. I've just polished off 1000 cals or so, and im still hungry as hell.

I can't really sneak stuff out of the cafeteria beyond a jug of milk or something. (That's where I get my super elite PWO chocolate milk) And I'm broke so extra food isn't really an option.

Good ideas from everybody, thanks. More vegetables, try some peanut butter. Less shitty carbs and stop with the OJ. I eat as much meat as I can but they don't have it too often. Hence the eggs and milk.

But I think I have this licked now with the fasted cardio. Thanks everybody.


hill sprints? whoa, lol. i meant like brisk walking for 30 mins or so.

anyway if it works it works but if you find you still arent putting on weight, go with the steady state.

...actually, try the steady state tomorrow. i wouldnt try to make the HIIT stuff an every day thing if you really struggle that much to put on weight.


Take a few days off from force feeding. In the grand scheme of things a week of light eating isnt going to mater one bit.

Another option is to make a easy to drink shake. Like whey and kool aid/gatorade POWDER. Or whey and coconut oil. Depending on the macros of the meal this will go with. Eat your meal then immediately after you eat chug the shake.

If youre as lean as you make it sound, kool aid powder or gatorade powder is your friend. You sound a lot like me when I started and even though my metabolism has slowed quite a bit in the last 2 years I still stay quite lean relying on simple carbs. I dont do this before Im going to sleep but my post breakfast shake and my workout shake carb sources are simple carbs.

Much easier to digest than oatmeal or brown rice etc.


Brisk walking? If you say so.. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the help, bones. As to how lean I am, I've got a few pictures for my own reference in my log. I don't know how to post individual pictures but they're a few posts down:

EDIT: I meant to post this: \

If I were to go light on eating for a week or so, I assume I should also take it a little easier on training too, right?


I didnt say go light on eating. Just dont force feed yourself.

Train the same. See what happens.

Its going to take time to get used to eating. Eventually you just have to push past it.


My link didn't work, I meant to post this: http://images.T-Nation.com/forum_images/7/c/7ce49_ORIG-Snapshot_20111105_4.jpg

Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the help everyone.


OP - Eating big isn't easy, no doubt. However, just because you've never had an issue with dairy before doesn't mean it isn't a problem (not saying it is either). You can definitely develop allergies/sensitivities later in life, especially if start going much heavier on a given food over a period of time - i.e. doing a dairy-intensive bulk.

My wife developed a wicked, like lets-go-to-the-hospital-wicked allergy to soy out of nowhere in her mid 20's following a misguided tofu kick. This is a pretty extreme example, but if you have a digestive issue around milk or other foods, sucking it up and pushing on won't necessarily work and could make you pretty ill. This would suck for you, I know, because milk is cheap, convenient and calorie-dense. Just something to think about is all.

Maybe, if you're still feeling crappy downstream, consider eliminating dairy for 2 weeks or so while keeping your cals up and see how you feel.


Just wondering, if you get a unlimited meal plan do they really stop you from taking shit and just storing it? Wondering for when I go to college in a year or so what I'm going to be working with.

And to the OP - I second the cardio recommendation. Get on a treadmill and do some low intensity steady state cardio on a small incline for 30 minutes every morning. You'll be hungry and soon grow to appreciate all the food around you.


at my university they did some times but not all the time...

you dont have to answer but where are you going?