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Body Re-Composition Help!

Hi everyone,

Here’s another question from a confused beginner about nutrition. I’m 195lbs-200lbs now so let’s say I want to stay at my weight now. My goals are to gain muscle and recomp my body so that I will gain muscle, swap all this fat weight or whatever weight it is for good muscular weight.However, I don’t really wanna be more heavier than 185-205lbs.

So my plan is to follow the basic rules for muscle building and recomp:

1)Eat every 2-3 hours, no matter what
2)Try to eat fruits and veggies with each meal
3)Train hard and heavy
4)Do cardio-- brisk walking in the morning for 3-4 days a week, and 1-2 days of sprint (I don’t want to annihilate myself here as I’m just getting started so I’ll ease in with the walks and sprinting)
5)1 gram of protein per pound of body weight (take 20-50grams protein per meal)

My question is: Let’s say, I want to be building muscle and I’m a little skinny fat now at 195lbs, but I want to completely re comp my body from head to toe and turn it into a muscular physique (good for powerlifting and basketball), how would I go about doing this? Do I keep eating at 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight? Do I try to increase my calories? Should I be gaining weight-- i.e. bulking up and then bulking down? I’ve heard of people who have not gained a single pound (or within a range of 5lbs) but have been able to completely transform their physique in like 2 years or something like that.

So basically to sum the above up:

1)Body recomp without gaining weight
2)Do I need to be increasing calories/protein intake if I want to be adding muscle but recomp my body?

Here is my nutrition plan now:

Meal 1:
3 eggs (2 egg whites and 1 whole egg)
Oatmeal with protein source in
2 glasses of milk
1 banana
(Roughly 40-50grams of protein)

Meal 2:
Protein source (e.g. Tuna)
Glass of milk
1 banana and some veggies
(Roughly 30g of protein)

Meal 3:
1-2 cups of rice
Protein source (e.g. chicken)
2 glasses of milk
(Roughly 50g of protein)

Meal 4 (Pre workout meal):

Protein source
(Roughly 20g protein)

Meal 5 (Post workout meal):

1-2 cups of rice
2 glasses of milk
(Roughly 50g of protein)

Meal 6 Pre bed time snack:

Glass of milk
Peanut Butter (not natural however, maybe I should go get some of that) on a piece of wholemeal bread
(Roughly 16-20g protein)

That’s roughly 206-220g of protein per day! (This is my training day, on non workout days, everything will be lower.)

Any help would be very much appreciated!!! Sorry for the long post!

I didn’t read your post because it required too much scrolling.

The real question is what have you been doing in the 5 1/2 years you’ve been a member here that still has you in the “confused beginner” state?

Lol, that’s a good question. I’ve been reading around for the training programs but I never really trained that seriously. I only trained for my vertical jump before, which I was rather successful with.

But I’ve only recently just started to have high meal frequencies and really concerned about my diet. I’m only asking for help here in how I think the articles don’t seem to explain what my question is.

I would say first worry about becoming consistent with training and nutrition as you first priority. Then once thats in place you can start to focus on a specific goal.